Advent of the Super Genius!

Patheos is going to be launching a whole-site redesign, very soon. Long in the works, we expect to flip the switch sometime this weekend.

What does it mean to you? Well . . .hopefully, not much. All redesigns have to shake out some bugs, but hopefully this process will be fairly painless.

On my end, though, it’s keeping me pretty busy and feeling a little changed to the desk. After calling it a night at about 2:00 AM, I realized I needed to avail myself of one of these. And one of these, if I don’t want to start walking around like Igor.

Editing is not for wimps! I made sure to do 40 minutes on the bike this morning, in preparation for a long day of stillness. I am being dragged kicking and screaming into all the scary techno-corners to learn all the scary techno-things that always terrify me into paralysis and make me cringe until I learn them well.

And then of course, I feel like a super-genius.

Blogging will be light-ish, although I expect I will have to come up for air, from time to time, so do check back. For now, though, I am heading into the scary dungeon. Pray for me!

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