Advent of the Super Genius!

Patheos is going to be launching a whole-site redesign, very soon. Long in the works, we expect to flip the switch sometime this weekend.

What does it mean to you? Well . . .hopefully, not much. All redesigns have to shake out some bugs, but hopefully this process will be fairly painless.

On my end, though, it’s keeping me pretty busy and feeling a little changed to the desk. After calling it a night at about 2:00 AM, I realized I needed to avail myself of one of these. And one of these, if I don’t want to start walking around like Igor.

Editing is not for wimps! I made sure to do 40 minutes on the bike this morning, in preparation for a long day of stillness. I am being dragged kicking and screaming into all the scary techno-corners to learn all the scary techno-things that always terrify me into paralysis and make me cringe until I learn them well.

And then of course, I feel like a super-genius.

Blogging will be light-ish, although I expect I will have to come up for air, from time to time, so do check back. For now, though, I am heading into the scary dungeon. Pray for me!

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  • Pete

    As you might gather I’m not one for praying but I hope the redesign goes well and improves what is already a very good blog site.

  • Manny

    Great. I hope it becomes easier to get to the Catholic portal. I hate having to go through that Patheos step of choosing a portal. I hope you stop the pop ups that come with opening your blog. Plus for some reason my blackberry locks up frequently when I access Patheos from there. This place can use some redesign.

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  • Victor

    Dear Anchoress,

    “IT” is about “Time” that you move on to more wonderful trials of new technology but remember that “The Sky” is “The Limit” for U>S (usual sinners). Long story short if some of our unknown alien cell friends use some of Mother Earth’s salt and convinces you that there’s nothing wrong by wondering above and beyond our milky way, just be careful that a little “z” doesn’t convince you to also become a follower of Marks in the future passed! :)


  • Mark Greta

    Good luck with the change. We had some wonderful news today on my granddaughters breast cancer from the surgery friday that they believe they got all the cancer in early stage and removed it. I can breathe again.

  • dry valleys

    I’ve just seen it. If this comment goes through, then nothing at all has changed from my perspective. If the content is as good as it’s been in past times, I will be happy :)

    [I think the days of you ending up in the spam filter for no good reason may finally be over! :-) Thanks for the kind words -admin]