Is this on? Is this on?


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Patheos 3.0 is live online.

I feel fine.

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  • robin

    Oooh, nice, hi tech look . . . with early ancient Beatles. Cool!

  • Manny

    Nice. I like what I see so far. :)

  • Mark Greta

    Nice look and easy links to other blogs and to the rest of the content. One comment is that the ability to bring up comments and move from one to the other, previous or next, and stay in the comment area for each is no longer there and a big loss. Now you have to go back to the main page over and over. Also comments tab is now at the top which does not seem intuitive to use.

    But in general nice work and on the total job of putting this all together Anchoress gets a massive A plus. Thanks for all you do.

  • Mark Greta

    Is it just me of does the site seem to have slowed dramatically when you go from place to place? Is this because of increased ads? Seems like it is loading forever and ever so slow. At my advanced age, every moment counts?