The Groom was a Smooth Criminal

Yesterday I gave you a video from Buster , and tonight I give you one from my Elder Son, who I have decided to call Appa; he promises me this will not be his wedding dance:

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  • Nice

    And how is our bride-to-be Kitty?

    [Working her butt off to catch up with her grad school program and internship in time to graduate by August. Her long illness really set her back! -admin]

  • Kathy Schiffer

    Where’s the bride in all of that? Even the groom scarcely notices her!

  • Joanne K McPortland

    Kathy, this is the Groom’s Dance. That’s the deal now. Everybody gets their own part of the show. I think it’s kind of nice, since it used to be All About the Bride. :) And this is sort of like those Orthodox Jewish weddings where the groom is danced around by his buds. Sort of.

    At my son and Filipina daughter-in-law’s wedding reception, the whole room recreated a very vigorous Christmas-is-coming (it was December) crowd dance from a Filipino game show called WOWOWEE, including singing the refrain in Tagalog. I never thought I could have that much fun looking that goofy.

  • Ny Mom

    Wow – I’m impressed. The last two weddings my DH and I attended, the groom and groomsmen arrived at the reception too smashed to even make a proper toast. (The limo they were in between the church and the reception location was well-stocked and there were gone for two hours for pictures, etc…) This performance was well-done. Amazing what can be accomplished by staying sober and on your feet.

  • Tom

    Wow! I wish I could dance like that! What fun!

  • CV

    That was impressive.

    Just glad it took place at the reception and wasn’t part of the ceremony (such as the “dancing down the church aisle to Chris Brown” video that went viral a couple of years ago).

  • Jo-Ann

    I’d like to see a bride’s mom dance. At my daughter’s wedding in October I don’t think they will be able to get me off the dance floor.

  • Theodore

    Nice dancing. The waist coat should never be longer than the tails though.

    Flusser, Dressing the Man: The Art of Permanent Fashion.