Yeah, I don’t really get people, anymore

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Forget tormenting an animal. Forget minimal risk. Forget all of that.

Forget the sick exhibitionism that makes everyone put everything they do on youtube; heck, I watched it, so there you go. People exhibit because other people will look.

No, what was going through my head while I watched was: “you put your baby on a filthy public floor, where people have been traipsing all kinds of filth around all day?”

I mean, I wasn’t exactly the mom with the disinfectant wipes running around after every germ, but even I had limits. Public floors (like airport rugs) were not places to put the baby.

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  • Victor

    The limits that humans will go to tease these poor animals who are starving is really unbelievable! :(

    Really? :)


  • Bill

    From the same ethos that gave us the ‘children’s adult’ book Go the F*** to Sleep. A willed toughness that fools no one, or shouldn’t.

  • Peggy m

    I have also seen a couple of “candid camera” videos that show parents tricking their young children—pretending to have eaten all their Halloween candy, or giving awful Christmas gifts (rolls of toilet paper, for example). All done to provoke the children’s dismay, anger, sorrow and disappointment so that millions of adults can laugh and the sick parents can have their 15 seconds of “fame”.

    I had this forwarded on Facebook by people I no longer understand. They thought it was “hysterical”. I thought it was cruel. What kind of parent would do this to their own innocent child? Will these kids ever trust their parents again? No wonder our society is so screwed up.

  • DWiss

    I saw this on the news one morning last week. It bothered me because clearly the lion saw the baby as lunch, and the parents videotaped it for entertainment. My mind wanted to complete the scene as thougn the glass wasn’t there. Not a funny joke to me.

  • Jenny

    Meh about putting the baby on the floor. It probably isn’t even inside, but on a covered sidewalk. A little dirt won’t hurt. No, what disturbs me is how grown adults watch a lion try to eat their child and instead of moving the baby, they start taking video. Yes, I know the glass is there and the animal cannot, in fact, eat the baby, but this irrational mother’s heart could not bear to watch as a wild animal tried to eat my baby. Not to mention it could scare the baby. You can hear someone who sounds like a teenager say, “That’s like almost not cool.” That’s right, sweetheart, it is not cool at all. It is sad that a teenager has better sense than the child’s mother.

  • http://Yahoo Jane

    Some of those zoos have not tested the glass properly.

  • kenneth

    I don’t know that public floors are really as dirty as we might suppose at first glance. If we were in some corner of the world where livestock and open sewers lined the streets, that would be one thing. Assuming this zoo shot was taken in the U.S. or Europe, the floor in maintained and secure facilities like a zoo or airport essentially are never touched by bare feet. There’s no dogs or other domestic animals doing their business there. There’s no cigarette butts lying around- smoking is damn near a hanging offense in public areas these days. You don’t have guys spitting tobacco juice everywhere like in the 1800s or last Saturday at the local Nascar oval. Sure, you get some dirt tracked in, but from where? Suburban lawns and the floor mats of SUV’s, mostly. Now and then somebody drops a soft drink, but at the end of each night, some hard-working foreigner goes over it all with a mop or carpet zamboni like clockwork.

    Having done some work in microbiology, I can tell you that I’d feel safer eating off of any surface like that that was touched only by shod feet than any surface touched by bare human hands. That’s where the real action with disease-causing organisms happens. That kid is much more likely to get sick from touching almost any door handle, or another kid’s toys, than from the floor. It’s great that there’s better awareness of things like hand-washing etc., but we’ve taken it to Howard Hughes extremes these days. I see a lot of kids whose hands have never touched dirt or anything outdoors or any plastic surface not bombed with surgical-grade anti-bacterial chemicals. For all that, these kids tend to be sicker than ever. Every third one seems to have an exotic allergy of some sort – can’t be in the same room as a peanut, or wheat, or some two-page list of things school administrators have to keep on file. There has to be a common-sense balance of course, but keeping kids germ-free doesn’t make them healthier. It makes for confused and dysfunctional immune systems.
    As for the juxtaposition with the lion, the whole “funniest home video” trend really does bring out the pathetic in parents.

  • Beth

    The baby on the floor is the least of the problems–I’m with you, Kenneth, we’ve made ourselves into wimps who can’t fight the slightest little microbe. This demonic need/desire to frighten, deeply disappoint, confuse and ultimately to humiliate children (and adults) is nothing short of psychological abuse. It is one thing if, for a sibling would play a trick on another sibling, such as the “I ate all your halloween candy” gag–siblings are supposed to tease each other. I find it downright abusive to do something to your own child that purposefully humiliates them in front of others and a camera–a mental power grab. I do not believe those events are seen as “funny” by the child and their level of trust for their parent plummets. For the same reason, I truly dislike 50th birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties and the like where folks do everything they can to put down the guest of ‘honor’. As everything else in our bored, lazy, gluttonous culture, it has been taken to an extreme.

    Yeah, I hate balloons and clowns, too! (grouse, grouse, grouse!)

  • Kathleen

    I saw something like this as a crowd was watching a caged white Tiger. The bored beast suddenly went into prey stalking mode and lunged at the smallest girl standing at the glass. Luckily the glass held and the adults comforted the scared screaming child. All my pity for the caged critter turned to maternal instinct against an animal that could hrrt my child.

  • Brandon

    I thought this video was hilarious! I’d do this to my 18 month old in a second…unfortunately last time we were at the zoo the tigers were sleeping (aren’t they always sleeping?!). With more zoos offering these style viewing windows more of these videos are making the rounds. Considering the big cats are already well-fed, I see this as no more cruel to the animal than making a house cat chase a laser pen…and I think most kids would be amused by it as well. (Obviously, if it terrified your child it would be cruel…my two boys would love it, though!)