No, How Did I Miss Hello Kitty Airlines?

It’s too fabulously stupid, and I want to fly them. I must show this to my son Appa’s fiance, Kitty!

(Reuters / PICHI CHUANG)

Can you imagine terrorists on Hello Kitty Airlines? I have to believe that the people who would fly Kitty would be warriors on behalf of her fancy fuselage; stamping their pink Mary Janes, they’d declare “you’re threatening to blow up all of these hallowed images of Hello Kitty? I don’t think so…Hello Kitty is much too pretty.”

They’d take the bad guy down in a heartbeat.

(Reuters / PICHI CHUANG)

I love it. This makes me happy. And you may disagree, but I think a Hello Kitty airline is much, much cooler than a Hello Kitty Maternity Ward. That’s so pedestrian!

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  • Donnie

    I am a grown man but I love this. I’d far prefer it to the interior of most other airlines. And the nose art is pretty brilliant, too. The cactus with the mustache is a nice touch.

  • Joanne K McPortland

    I misread this with my old eyes as Hello, Miss Kitty Airlines. Which made lots of sense, because on Gunsmoke Miss Kitty may have been a member of the world’s oldest profession, but she was first and foremost hospitable to travelers, and took guff from no one.

    When I was destroying the Church with 30 (40, 50) years of bad catechesis, I had an editorial assistant, a young Chinese man who made extra money playing Hello Kitty at store openings. He parlayed those two into co-founding Giant Robot, which started as a zine and is now a very successful Asian pop culture journal.

    So I would happily fly either Hello Kitty or Miss Kitty Airlines! :)

  • NBW

    It’s cute! It would take the edge off a plane ride for me! How is your son’s fiance, Kitty doing? Am sending prayers her way every day.

  • Peggy m

    I wonder if they serve itty bitty bourbon highballs?

  • Peggy m

    It must be like traveling inside a pin ball machine, as a passenger on the Costa Concordia described that ship.

  • kenneth

    Hello Kitty folk are oddly intense about their passion. A few years ago someone had given me a Hello Kitty Tarot deck of all things, as a gag gift! Couldn’t give the thing away for the longest time, but as soon as I put it up for auction online, it was bid up to $85 or something like that!

  • Deacon Steve

    Looking around on the internet I found a picture of Hello Kitty Sushi. It is very cute and I sent the picture to a friend of mine that loves Hello Kitty.