Comments will be closing tonight

Come Friday, I will be heading out to Buster’s graduation, and I’ve decided that this will be a good time to take a much needed rest and retreat. In preparation for that, I’m closing comments tonight — at whatever time I pack it in — and they will remain closed until June 1. Because I’m exhausted.

But let me leave you with this fun graphic, courtesy of Ace, who notes that these cars that are the wave of the future keep burning. I may still post on and off tomorrow, but closing down the comments makes me feel so free, I have to just boogie in my ride. Open this in another tab for most righteous musical accompaniment!

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  • Cathym

    Have a most wonderful, relaxing, joyous time!!

  • Maureen

    I always love reading the comments after your posts, but I understand the need to “rest and renew.” And time is speeding by so quickly that June will be here before we know it. Keep well until then. God bless.

  • ed

    I will probably wish you were around in the interim as I use you for quieting my mind. Enjoy and return well and happy