Obama Comes Out – UPDATED

When two of my brothers came out, they were both surprised that the family — with the exception of an auntie or two — said, “this is news? Pass the salt.”

We’d figured out that they were gay years earlier, and allowed it to be their own business, to announce or keep private as they saw fit.

Just so, no surprises here. Although, unlike my brothers, I think Obama has finally “evolved” enough to admit he supports gay marriage only because his back was to the wall; he could no longer vote “present,” because even the press was tired of hearing it, and laughing at him.

I have wondered ever since Joe Biden and Arne Duncan came out in favor of gay marriage, whether it wasn’t his own administration trying to push him. Mark Knoller at CBS is saying “no dispute that his hand was forced”. I’ll leave it to others to determine what that says about this president.

As we all know, he’s not a guy who likes his hand forced. So, this should be interesting. Didn’t he just say something the other day about Romney, something like, “I expect him to mean what he says” or something? I wasn’t really following.

My first thought was: what does this mean for the black churches? Back in 2008 it was the black Christian vote that defeated gay marriage in California. African Americans voted for Obama, but while they were there, they voted against gay marriage. It’s one of those stories no one wanted to talk about. Now, things become interesting: do African American churches, hearing the president say that “my Christian beliefs” inform this newly declared viewpoint, simply give up their own beliefs to support his or do they stand for their own? And then, who’s Christian beliefs are right? That’s a whole ball of wax I bet no one wanted to deal with in this election.

UPDATE: Here are excerpts for the ABC interview.
Check back — I’ll gather up some reactions as I find them.

Ed Driscoll has already got a little roundup at Insty’s place!

UPDATE II: Obama’s own faith adviser and other religious leaders are not on the same page as he is

John Nolte says he’s still voting “present”

Allahpundit: Instead of “I support gay rights but oppose gay marriage” it’s now “I support gay marriage but oppose federal intervention.”

The GOP TWITTERVERSE: seems unfazed. For my money, Jim Geraghty, who is wondering about the selective federalism Obama demonstrates is having the most fun.

WAPO: Obama’s desperate measure

Also: fighting on whose behalf?

LAST UPDATE: Brutally Honest has more, including a theory I’m not hearing elsewhere.

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