Obama Comes Out – UPDATED

When two of my brothers came out, they were both surprised that the family — with the exception of an auntie or two — said, “this is news? Pass the salt.”

We’d figured out that they were gay years earlier, and allowed it to be their own business, to announce or keep private as they saw fit.

Just so, no surprises here. Although, unlike my brothers, I think Obama has finally “evolved” enough to admit he supports gay marriage only because his back was to the wall; he could no longer vote “present,” because even the press was tired of hearing it, and laughing at him.

I have wondered ever since Joe Biden and Arne Duncan came out in favor of gay marriage, whether it wasn’t his own administration trying to push him. Mark Knoller at CBS is saying “no dispute that his hand was forced”. I’ll leave it to others to determine what that says about this president.

As we all know, he’s not a guy who likes his hand forced. So, this should be interesting. Didn’t he just say something the other day about Romney, something like, “I expect him to mean what he says” or something? I wasn’t really following.

My first thought was: what does this mean for the black churches? Back in 2008 it was the black Christian vote that defeated gay marriage in California. African Americans voted for Obama, but while they were there, they voted against gay marriage. It’s one of those stories no one wanted to talk about. Now, things become interesting: do African American churches, hearing the president say that “my Christian beliefs” inform this newly declared viewpoint, simply give up their own beliefs to support his or do they stand for their own? And then, who’s Christian beliefs are right? That’s a whole ball of wax I bet no one wanted to deal with in this election.

UPDATE: Here are excerpts for the ABC interview.
Check back — I’ll gather up some reactions as I find them.

Ed Driscoll has already got a little roundup at Insty’s place!

UPDATE II: Obama’s own faith adviser and other religious leaders are not on the same page as he is

John Nolte says he’s still voting “present”

Allahpundit: Instead of “I support gay rights but oppose gay marriage” it’s now “I support gay marriage but oppose federal intervention.”

The GOP TWITTERVERSE: seems unfazed. For my money, Jim Geraghty, who is wondering about the selective federalism Obama demonstrates is having the most fun.

WAPO: Obama’s desperate measure

Also: fighting on whose behalf?

LAST UPDATE: Brutally Honest has more, including a theory I’m not hearing elsewhere.

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  • Gerry

    Barry came out in 1996, then pretended to convert to Christianity. He now figures that blacks are more loyal to their skin color that to Christ, so he re-outed himself.

  • korora

    If you legislate or decree that a tail is a leg, how many legs does a cat have?

  • doughboy

    call me cynical, but it’s an election year and he’s going with the popular tide who he wants to sweep him into office. that’s all.

  • kenneth

    Anyone who still believes any politician has an immutable set of core beliefs deserves what they get from them once elected. Politicians have one single non-negotiable principle “My name should be on that office.” Everything else, and I mean every last thing, is negotiable. Obama played the middle on this issue as long as he did because that’s where the numbers told him to play. I think Biden and others in the administration convinced him that strategy is played out. Gay Democrats aren’t going to stand for being treated as Dalits after giving millions in campaign donations. Playing the middle isn’t goint to win Obama a single vote from conservatives. They’re already convinced he’s the Antichrist on any number of issues. He has nothing to lose and something to gain by finally completing his “evolution” on the issue.

  • Dan

    I’m looking at his decision to support gay marriage as yet another attempt to get a national conversation going (as I’m sure the GOP will most probably take the bait) that will again DISTRACT the national conversation from Obama’s record through several news cycles.

    YET AGAIN he shows contempt for traditional Christianity by first taking note of the sensitivity of the long and ancient religious tradition concerning traditional marriage only to ignore that as he talked to friends, family and colleagues that was the deciding factor he spoke of in his finally coming out in support of gay “marriage”.

  • CV

    IMO, it wasn’t his own administration “pushing” him, there was a carefully coordinated build-up to this moment of complete “evolution.”

    Even though Biden is known to shoot his mouth off, I think his statement that he is “completely comfortable etc.” was planned. I happened to be watching Morning Joe when Arne Duncan “came out” in support of gay marriage too. As per usual, MSNBC took the talking points directly from the WH and asked Duncan, who feigned “unawareness” that he would be asked this question. Then surprise, surprise, a few days later, Obama “comes out”…right on schedule (and right after the stories about the NYV girlfriends…but I digress.

    Nothing is accidental. He obviously thinks this will prop him up among young voters and other 2008 supporters whose enthusiasm has waned. We’ll see, I guess. I thought Romney’s statement was clear and unequivocal and I hope he sticks with his position. Again, I guess we will see.

  • Gerry

    BTW, time for the Bishop of Peoria to say “I told you so.”

  • kenneth

    What great prophecy by the Bishop of Peoria was fulfilled by Obama’s announcement? Obama has been leaning toward this position since day one and has no longer has any politically viable options left to soft-pedal the issue.

  • JamesR

    Just remember that, according to our national media – when Mitt Romney changes his position on an issue it is defined as “flip flopping.” When Dear Leader does that it is called “evolving.”

  • JamesR

    No Kenneth, we don’t think Obama is the Anti-Christ. He’s just a fan. :)

  • Will

    He has moved to the position of Dick Cheney.

    [I know. And Cheney is supposed to be an evil Darth Vader, right? That doesn't really work, does it? _admin]

  • Peggy R

    An aside note: People’s twitter pages used to be publicly accessible. No more, I guess. I don’t join social networking. I’d do it if I were across the country from family or if it were part of my professional promotion or part of a movement I wanted to promote. Not for the sake of politics and social commentary as an ordinary citizen. Seems to risky with this government…

    As for O’s flip flop, er evolution, Money talks.

  • CSmith

    Anything to change the subject from the results of the WV Democrat primary

  • Chris-2-4

    Did Obama say his position was “Evolving” or “Revolving”?

  • Susan

    It was another weird Obama interview. In listening to it, it always seem to be all about him all the time. So many self-referential statements. Even weirder, ABC can’t seem to tell the difference between self-esteem and narcissism. Diane Sawyer’s gushy fawning was over his self-absorbed interview in support of gay marriage was over the top…

  • Susan

    P.S. The King is a Fink. ;)

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  • Teresa

    Obama’s fundraising is down. he needs the money, plain and simple. Besides everyone with an ounce of sense knows he has always been for homosexual marriage.

  • LisaB

    I’m with CV, this was planned. Of course Obama wants to DISTRACT us from —- 3 years of extremely high unemployment, Inflation, stag-flation, the quagmire in Afghanistan, Libya, and the rest of mess in the Middle East, none the least being the abysmal morale of the troops, Eric Holder and the growing call for his resignation over Fast & Furious, our tax dollars down the drain with Solyndra, Russia threatening us and our allies, Obamacare, the Supreme Court ruling coming in June and his threatening to trash Medicare, the TSA and the trashing of our Civil Liberties, the attack on the Church, the war against stay-at-home Moms, the radical support of the abortion agenda… I’m still waiting on Wade from another thread to list what Obama has done right.

    The Obama team – bump, set and spike! Distractions – it’s all they’ve got.