Yes, of course thank the sisters…

The story about the Vatican’s corrective issued to the LCWR is of course, taking a little breather until the LCWR leadership puts out its formal statement, and then I expect it to all get going again, with headlines condemning the bad-old church for picking on the sisters, with very little attention paid to the fact that some of the sisters do in fact admit promoting a kind of post-Christian mindset, and some boast of supporting abortion.

Which is a little like saying, “we don’t actually believe what the church believes, but how dare you tell us that we ought to if we want to maintain our canonical status! We are church!” Or something.

It’s going to get ugly because some in the church want it to be ugly, and the press is certainly going to want to to be ugly.

So, I am of two minds about this video, and I’ve expressed my thoughts to Fr. Jim Martin about it. On one hand, yes, I think it’s important — nay, imperative — to say “thank you” to sisters who have served us faithfully and well and who have given up their lives and even suffered martyrdom for being Christ’s. Of course we should acknowledge and thank them.

And certainly no one wants to be tainted by a corrective that may not apply to them at all — let’s face it, if I were a faithful sister, I’d be a little embarrassed by this turn of events. But on the other hand, I’d also be embarrassed by the LCWR leadership who, for too long, let the pro-abortion, post-Christian faction define the organization. The Vatican corrective is unfortunately necessary — some don’t want to hear it; many grudgingly admit it, but it’s true.

But it’s also true that some exemplary sisters have been a part of the LCWR, and that should be noted. So, I am posting this here as my way of saying “thank you” to those sisters; particularly Sister Alice Ann and Sister Mary Rose de Lima, who impacted my life greatly.

But I’m closing comments on this because I’m not going to deal with the bickering and name-calling all day. If you think these sisters do not deserve your thanks, then in charity offer up a prayer for their sakes and the world’s. And if you think they do, then offer up a prayer for their sakes, and the world’s.

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