Obama’s Politically Expedient “Heroism” – UPDATED

The man who had his hand forced is now a hero hearing the hosannas of a very worldly world:

Reality check: Obama manipulated gay voters, kept them at a distance and hoped they would settle for the occasional wink and a nod. But he has found himself in a campaign with dwindling enthusiasm and a narrowing electoral map; he needs this group’s enthusiastic support and high turnout in November.

Even so, it took Vice President Biden’s moment of honesty to force the president’s hand. Obama did this because he needed to, not because he wanted to.

Oh, well. I guess heroism has always been about doing what’s most expedient for the furtherance of one’s own desperate interests right?

Someone should have told that to the guys who throw themselves on grenades, or the firefighters who go into burning buildings that may tumble at any moment.

Listen up, folks: the mainstream media has just redefined the meaning of the word “hero” and also the definition of “bravery.” That used to mean standing against currents. Now, it means floating with them.

“A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.”
–G. K. Chesterton

Meanwhile…I guess Joe Biden doesn’t have to worry about being kicked off the ticket, now!

Ed Morrissey Observes:

And for all of those who cheered this flip-flop, here’s a question: wouldn’t it have been more effective in North Carolina had Obama made this announcement before Amendment One went to the polls? According to Obama himself, he’d already changed position on same-sex marriage. An announcement last week or the week before that, with a personal plea to African-American voters, might have made a difference. Instead, Obama hid, the White House fibbed, and Amendment One won easily in a state that Obama carried in 2008. Regardless of whatever else this might be called, leadership isn’t among the terms that come to mind.

Neither brave, nor heroic, nor a leader, but a need to believe it can make it so.

Ross Douthat on the successful framing of the movement

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