A Catholic Library Worth Winning – UPDATED

This is cool, from Thomas L. McDonald:

Logos Bible Software has graciously offered to provide a Complete Logos Catholic Scholar’s Library to one lucky reader of God and the Machine. . . This is one huge package, folks. It includes the powerful Logos Bible Software as well as a vast library of Catholic scripture study, Bibles, history, theology, the complete Church Fathers, a generous selection of texts from the saints and councils, a hyperlinked Catechism, Hebrew and Greek language resources, and more. There are about 400 texts in this set, which is the largest Catholic package currently offered by Logos.

You can read Thomas’ review of the program and more about it at his place, and then there is this:

YouTube Preview Image

Oh, yeah. It looks really great. What are you waiting for? Go enter to win it!

UPDATE: That famous e-library-building new media wonderkind Brandon Vogt has reviewed the Logos software and raves:

The Catholic edition is simply mind-boggling. It includes a number of Catholic-translation Bibles like the NAB and RSV, but it surrounds the Scripture with commentaries, devotional works, sermon collections, Church documents, popular books, and more.

While exploring the program I kept wondering, “what would St. Thomas or St. Augustine give to have access to this software?” Logos provides any modern, computer-toting Christian with more resources then any Church doctor ever had.

Yeah, I admit it. I want it. I am greedy. Enter! Enter!

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