The Dread Day has Come!

I’ve been nearsighted for 40 years
, but it has always been a source of some pleasure to me that I could take off my glasses and read comfortably.

Until two nights ago, when suddenly I found myself unable to read some printed material — in 12 point Ariel, no less — no matter where I put my hand. My glasses were useless, and I found myself having to beg a pair of my husband’s reading glasses from him (he has them all over the house, because he loses them/sits on them every day). But his glasses were 1.75 magnification; too strong, I was left in a lurch.

And so, I have ordered my first pair of reading glasses. I guess this means there are bifocals in my future, but for now at least these are cute.

Am I going to become one of those ladies who wears her glasses on a chain around her neck?

I have decided to blame all of this not on age, but on my beloved kindle, which allows me to increase size type and therefore kid myself that my vision is not changing. Dear and evil Kindle!

Speaking of which, thanks to the unknown but thoughtful readers who recently ordered this kindle and this humidifier at Amazon via this site. Your purchases generate a small kickback my way, which I very much appreciate. Recently, I was able to use some of that to send a big shipment of dry goods and provender to a monastic community in need. It’s wonderful to be able to do that, so easily, and at no additional cost to anyone! Thanks!

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