Egregious Twaddle at Patheos!

Given that we only celebrated the arrival of Eve Tushnet to Patheos a few weeks ago, you’d think we’d have our fill, for now, of smart women who also happen to be dandy writers.

Well, you’d be wrong. I am very happy to announce the addition of Joanne McPortland’s blog, Egregious Twaddle to our happy little Catholic blog-glomorate amid the cyber-aeropagus here at Patheos! Like Eve, Joanne made me wait — but they’re both well-worth it!

If you don’t know the name Joanne McPortland
, you will soon enough, and once you start reading her you will wonder how ever got along without her sane, reasonable, broad-minded and knowledgeable take on things. Joanne is a “revert” to Catholicism and she confesses to sometimes experiencing a little bit of “revertigo” as she works to conform herself and her views to a church that is currently being roiled on all sides, and on many issues. While she’s not above an honest rant, Joanne is game for discussion on all subjects and as she brings her impressive comprehension to bear down on a subject, she has this trick of coupling it with a disarming honesty and a refreshing willingness to allow herself — and her readers — to be surprised by some of the new conclusions she is reaching as she puts her formerly “settled” ideas through the wringer of Catholicism. That her honestly can sometimes be delivered with humor that is both gentle but incisive is a bonus — and a testimony to just how very gifted she is.

It’s fascinating to watch; edifying, instructive
— sometimes downright breathtaking. If minds on the internet seem increasingly to be narrowing and closing, Joanne’s is open, open, open, and you’re invited into it!

Welcome, Joanne to Patheos! And follow her here at Twitter and on Facebook!

And, dear readers, do keep your eyes peeled — we have a few more wonderful bloggers coming down the pike and headed your way, within the next few weeks!

UPDATE: Deacon Greg is Dee-lighted!

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  • joannemcportland

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I guess I have to get serious about this now. :)

  • The Crescat

    If one didn’t know better, one might suspect that the papists are taking over the joint.

  • Manny

    I have noticed Joanne’s comments throughout the Catholic portal. I did check her blog out once and did find it well reasoned and well written. She’ll be another asset to this great line up you’ve assembled here.

    Welcome Joanne.

  • Kristen

    That is the greatest blog name ever. I like Joanne already!

  • Diane K

    Joanne isn’t just a writer; she’s an artful writer.

    We are from different generations, and have had different experiences with the changes in the Church following Vatican II. People have this notion that the conversion or reversion process is suppose to happen in one shot without recognizing that for most, it is much more incremental. There are often boulders, rocks and stones which must be cleared from the path to smooth out the way. Joanne’s honesty as she explores her struggles with some those things on the path has helped me to understand that discourse, not insolence, is what really moves us all closer to Christ.

  • Katherine

    I recently wandered over there drawn by the witty title, and next time I showed up she had moved over here! Good job, good find my very dear Anchoress.