God and Dogs and Naked, Naked Love – UPDATED

Caught this over at Deacon Greg’s place.

There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog, and nothing like its fierceness when you need it’s protection. It will lay down its life to keep you safe, and when you come home after being away, it does not harass you; it does not shake a finger at you; it does not hold you at arms length until you prove yourself; it simply loves you with all the love it has within, and weeps with joy for your return. It’s the Prodigal Son story, only with an intensity the parable can only hint at.

If the mystery of God’s love escapes you – if you can’t look at the crucifix and get the message, or the Incarnation is too filtered through images of Christmas kitsch to reach you and the resurrection is something you keep forgetting — maybe this video can act as reminder: a working metaphor for the love that anchors all of that:

YouTube Preview Image

The God of Abraham is a very strangest Being ever encountered and called “god”. He is One who does not have to attend to us at all, but because of love — because he IS Love — chooses to surrender himself to us, in love, so that we might learn that it is safe to surrender ourselves back.

I love this God, and I want to surrender myself and yet do it so poorly, and incompletely, and always with a string of distrust by which I pull back my surrender, still so certain — in my deluded way — that my sense of control is what is reality.

This is why God has to find a million different metaphors to remind me, again and again, that he is the Unconditional Love — merciful, yes, and also just — but always, beyond contexts and peripheries, the All-in All of Love.

In truth — and I re-learn it every time I sit before the Blessed Sacrament — there is only one constant Reality, and in the face of it, everything else must be diminished.

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  • http://webcornerweekly.blogspot.com/ Mark Zanghetti

    Thanks for sharing both the video and the feelings about how imperfect our love is of him and that I am not alone in wishing I was better at surrendering myself to him.

  • joannemcportland

    Ah! So lovely. I was caught up short by my own falling short on Sunday night at a parish viewing of one of Fr Barron’s Catholicism videos—the one on four women saints. He begins by quoting Paul—”so I live now, not I, but Christ in me”—and saying that’s the whole point of Christian life. The not-I-ness of complete surrender to God’s will: I am so, so far from that, and I almost wept hearing it. Maybe because I am not a dog person, but a cat person. Dogs are all about Not-I-but-YOU! Cats, meh. But maybe God can teach even this old cat person new tricks.

  • Ginny

    This video was so precious. It reminded me of something I’d seen some time ago: http://youtu.be/H17edn_RZoY

  • Doggie Convert

    Well, I never. That was so poignant and unexpected my eyes filled with tears.


    I do believe the love of that dog’s creator came yelping, crying, licking, hugging and jumping through.

    Glory to the Creator!