Baptist becomes reluctant Catholic

I know, I know, I have a perverse sense of humor, but this line from this achingly honest piece by a former Baptist seminarian just charmed me:

I called my dad crying on January 28th. I was going to become Catholic and hated the idea so much.

As far as I’m concerned, the kid’s a natural! I bet he ends up being a priest!

Welcome to the Catholic Church, Steven. As Paul Johnson said, “come on in; it’s awful!” And we just love it.

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  • Mo Pelzel

    If he was a Baptist, he was a baptized Christian and therefore already a member of the Body of Christ.

  • Anthony

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for linking to my story! I was officially received on Pentecost.

    -”Steven” Anthony

  • Dad of Six

    I converted in 2000. As a former Lutheran, I was firmly resolved to revert back if things did not work out.

    I love the Holy Roman Catholic Church. I love the sacraments. I love Holy Mass (particulary the EF). I love Adoration. I have developed a particular devotion to Saint Joseph. There will be no going back, only forward.

  • Holly

    Why is he so reluctant? To be Catholic is wonderful. Maybe it is just shocking that he feels called to become Catholic and never would have anticipated it in a million years!

  • Victor

    Anchoress! Believe “IT” or not, “I” did read this entire piece of Art work and “I” must ask salvage …to forgive me cause “I’M” also starting to believe in this Catholic Church but “I” still don’t read “The Good Book” and athough you Anchoress know Victor or should “I” say you use to know him a little until you told him in so many words by email that you tried to understand him but you simply couldn’t and “I’ve” been told that you have not acknowledged him since his 66 birthday and “I” must say bravo to ya cause “I” know that “IT” wasn’t easy for ya to do so and let me try to explain why if “I” can still keep “IT UP NOW?

    I hear ya! OK my child but first take a deep breath cause after that sentence, you need “IT” my son! :)

    Go ahead Anchoress! Let some of your silly spiritual written cells make fun of me and because of “IT” Many Catholics will not be able to appreciate my shock but come hell or high water, “I’M” going to tell you a little about myself right NOW!

    First of all and before “I” start Anchoress, you must have “Faith” in Angels and Saints who started this so called “Catholic Church” but most importantly you must have had the occasional fit with drops of water and some of your internal spiritual cells may have even denied you a chance to ride them if ya know what “I” mean? Anyway! You claim to be a true blue Catholic so “I” guess that will do for NOW but whatever you do don’t tell Victor that “I” was here because being the love sick fool that he is, he’ll tell “ONE” of his so called 7% “Jesus Cells” and when the 93% cells of sinner vic find out, long story short, I’ll be in trouble with this so called “HOLY SPIRIT” of “JESUS” and if truth be known, “I” would be in big, big trouble if ya know what “I” mean NOW?

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE sinner vic? HOW MANY TIMES MUST me, myself and i tell you that you’re no better than the rest and if you want to ride a drop of rain again, you better smarten UP and get in line like the rest of these so called practising Catholics cels!

    Gee Victor! Can’t “I” at least finish my chain of thaughts first?

    OK but only because you caught me in a good mood and thank your lucky star that my name is not Wesley if ya get my drift? GO FOR “IT” NOW and when you finish, make sure that you pick UP each a every “ONE” of those Catholic chains and “I” better not see “ONE” “Left Behind” if you know what “I” mean?

    Thanks Victor! Folks “I” simply want to close by saying that poor behavior of Catholics does not negate the entire Catholic faith, just as one scandalous evangelical pastor does not negate the Bible. :)

    Whose laughing Victor? :(

    Go Figure!


  • Renee

    My trip from First Baptist to Rome started with the first Catholic I ever met who took her faith seriously and wasn’t shy about talking about what she believed and why.

    Anchoress, I will always be grateful for the blessing that you were to me. At Easter Vigil, I celebrated four years as a Catholic.

  • CJ

    So if you are not Catholic, but Christian, you are not a part of the Body of Christ?

    [Oh, brother. I was writing fast; I'll fix it. -admin]

  • PB

    Dear Anchoress,
    Did you turn comments off for the Maureen Dowd post? I wanted to show Alejandro this link:

    [Comments now close automatically after one day, because I don't have time to moderate them, and I'm frankly sick of some of the miserable people who seem to live to be miserable within them. It's becoming so tiring -admin]

  • Manny

    I enjoyed reading that. But then again I enjoy all conversion stories to Catholicism.