Well, of course Jesus loves Baseball


And this is why:

– The Mascots // Angels, Padres and yeah, why do you think that the team fro, Tampa Bay are now known simple as The Devil Rays. – Jesus likes them.

– The Team // Baseball is a unique team team sport in that there are so many working parts that make up the team: starting pitchers, pinch hitters, closers, power hitters, base-stealers, etc and each player has a unique skill set. I dare say the 25 player roster has more diversity player to player than football’s 52 player squad – Jesus likes communities that bring all their gifts together for the common good.

– The Individual // In baseball, ones individual contributions and skills can both take over a game as well as be part of a team. Each person plays a particular role on the team, but if need be a player can carry a team for a game or two at a time pitching a shut-out, hitting a couple of home runs, making a game saving defensive play, etc. – While this can go wrong sometimes when a player tries to do too much, in the end Jesus liked Peter, he tried to much, but also carried the disciples through time of struggle.

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. It’s the best game. That’s all.

It’s also the game that is most like real life

Standing on the Mound: The Virtues of Baseball

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  • dry valleys

    What about football? England need all the help they can get if they’re going to avoid getting knocked out, if not at Sweden’s hands then at those of Spain or Italy :)

  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    Baseball has to be devinely inspired. As a Baltimore Orioles fan, I’ve certainly had my share of suffering. I just hope Jesus is not a Yankees fan. ;)

  • john primm

    Ah Anchoress…you will be forgiven for giving Jesus and the apostles Red Sox caps…maybe…:)

    Go Washington Nationals! We will beat the Yanks when we meet them in the Series…when it really counts!

  • Michael

    If most translations of Genesis 1.1 were corrected it would properly read “In the big inning God created the heavens and the earth.”
    I should mention that Stan Musial said that it was easy for him to get an audiance with John Paul II because afterall Stan the Man is a Cardinal.

  • Peggy R

    Of course God loves the Cardinals!

  • http://www.pro-baseball-drills-and-equipment.com Bill

    As a former major league ballplayer I can relate to coming together for a common goal and trusting each other. The same goes with God, realizing and trusting him and that he is in control of all things. BB

  • Kelly Two

    Very amusing photoshop, like it a lot! A bit out-of-date, but still great. Especially with the Kenmore Square Citgo sign in the background.

    You can still buy T-shirts outside Fenway that say “Johnny Damon – Looks like Jesus, throws like Mary, Acts like Judas.” He remains unforgiven for going to the Yankees.

  • Charles


    I trust that you’ve encountered this gem from DBH, but it’s worth reading again.


  • http://www.myspace.com/peterriedesel Pete in Mpls.

    The Twins need some divine intervention right now. Maybe Jesus could come back and pitch for them. I’m sure he’s got a nasty slider.

  • http://www.myspace.com/peterriedesel Pete in Mpls.

    And a fastball in the 120′s.