Yay Verily! A Fresh Magazine with a Fresh Message

Do you ever look at the magazines on the rack at the grocery store and wonder just who the women are who related to them? The book with the stick-thin celebrity, air-brushed almost beyond human recognition, surrounded by headlines about how to be better at sex, how to please men sexually, how to use sex at work, how to look better than you do, because no matter how great you might look, this magazine knows you can do better; the one with the stick-thin woman with two perfect children holding up a perfectly iced cake she made “in minutes” in her immaculate kitchen, and a dad nowhere in sight?

Yeah, I don’t buy any of those magazines, either. And I never did.

But this one sounds like something special, as Tony Rossi writes:

With evidence that modern women need an alternative to the current crop of magazines, Kara and Janet co-founded “Verily” which has just launched with its teaser issue. Kara took on the reins of Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, while Janet serves as Style Editor. As word spread about their goal to start “fresh conversations on what it means to be real women,” a talented team came together including Mary Rose Somarriba (former managing editor of “First Things” magazine) as Culture Editor – and Ashley Crouch (The Love and Fidelity Network) as Relationships Editor. It was the women’s magazine equivalent to the Avengers assembling. (Pardon the nerdy male reference. It’s in my nature.)

The teaser issue reflects well-rounded women who are interested in both style and substance. Featured articles include a profile of a young woman who heads a successful tech company, a look at the appeal of the hit TV series “Downton Abbey,” and a moving reflection by writer Sophie Caldecott about her father’s recent diagnosis with cancer.

Though “Verily” is a secular magazine, it’s grounded in the values that Kara and Janet learned growing up and have come to appreciate more in recent years.

Read the rest; check out the podcast. Send it around to your friends. Yay Verily — if the Teaser issue is any indication, we may finally have a magazine worth reading!

Tony promises a Part II to his interview. Meanwhile, Verily’s Facebook page is here and you can follow them on Twitter here

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