Palate Cleanser – UPDATED

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What a heavy office, and our dear papa at age 85 remains faithful to it. There is no rest, no day off. As with his predecessor and so many of our saints, he offered himself to God, and God is using him up to his last ember.

“The church is not a community of the perfect.”

Pray for him.

UPDATE: If you need more cleansing go here. Kitty!

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  • lynn gimlin

    Thank you for this post and the posts yesterday. Is is so hard for those of us on the right to believe that this may be the best thing for us? We the people are supposed to govern ourselves. If we hate this law, then let’s get to it and get it repealed. We are responsible for ourselves and if we value our liberty and freedom of worship, we have to take care of those things. Again, I always turn here for some spiritual uplift in these things, so I thank you.

    Lynn Gimlin

  • Laura Kobet

    This was beautiful… thank you. The ecumenical aspects were really touching. Well, actually it all was.

  • Gail Finke

    That was a great little piece, thanks so much. It struck me how big our church is, and how many people all over the world are Catholic and thus our brothers and sisters. Pope Benedict sounds tired, may God bless him.