Condi as Veep? Why the Dems, MSM Won’t Stand for It – UPDATED

I admire Ms. Rice a lot; I think she’s a smart and accomplished lady who can really wear a slit-skirt and boots.

But I have often found it odd that, when speaking, she so frequently sounds breathless and a little afraid. Even in this audio which purports to be what has piqued the interest of the Romney camp.

The rumors had Twitter very busy last night and Facebook is chattering, today; apparently Limbaugh says it might be Condi. Noonan makes a pretty good argument for why it should be Condi, and a friend of mine says he’d rather see her at the top of the ticket, but for most part the stuff appearing in the timelines is all pretty predictable. Some on the right (but interestingly, not Sarah Palin) have already disqualified her as insufficiently pro-life; some from the left are already making their snarky insinuations about Rice never having married, which — because she has an R after her name — is highly suspect and there’s something wrong with.

Let’s be frank. Condoleeza Rice is as qualified as anyone to be Vice President and would be a damn sight less buffoonish in the office than Joe Biden. She is a graceful diplomat, a fine academic; she is knowledgeable, savvy, internationally experienced; with Putin ascending, her formidable understanding of Russia and the Russian mind and history could be invaluable. The troops love her and would accept her as Commander-in-Chief. In fact, Ms. Rice is a good deal more qualified to be president than perhaps either Mr. Romney — for all his business experience — or Mr. Obama, who nearly four years into the gig still seems not to have a handle on the office, its limits or its nuances, and who looks, increasingly, like a man who wishes it would all go away and let him play golf.

But then I’ve always said that Obama would prefer to be a prince rather than a president.

But here is why the notion of Condoleeza Rice as veep will be every bit as unpalatable to the Democrats and the press (yes, I am redundant) and why — if the idea looks like it could become reality — they will go as full-bore-savage-destruction on Rice as they did on Sarah Palin. Four words: she is a woman.

She is a woman with an R after her name. As Veep she could conceivably become the First Female President of the United States, and there is no way the press or the Democrats will allow the possibility of that first, historic presidency being bestowed upon any but a Democrat. It is, for them, the natural arc of their narrative. And while in some minds, that first female (Democrat) president can only be Hillary Clinton, anyone will do in a pinch. When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, the truly idiotic Gail Collins wrote in the New York Times that President Bush should immediately vacate his office because matters were simply too urgent to wait for January of ’09 — that The One’s brilliance needed to be applied immediately to all of our pressing problems. In this case, Collins reasoned, even Nancy Pelosi would do for the interim:

Putting Barack Obama in charge immediately isn’t impossible. Dick Cheney, obviously, would have to quit as well as Bush. In fact, just to be on the safe side, the vice president ought to turn in his resignation first. (We’re desperate, but not crazy.) Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become president until Jan. 20. Obviously, she’d defer to her party’s incoming chief executive, and Barack Obama could begin governing.

As a bonus, the Pelosi presidency would put a woman in the White House this year after all.

They hated Sarah Palin for many reasons: her lack of an ivy league pedigree or international experience; her twang; her kids; “that child” she should be home raising and so forth. Condi has the ivy pedigree and the international experience; she has no twang; she has no kids to be looking after, but should this Rice Dream become a reality — the press and the Democrats will be equally as apoplectic about her being on a presidential ticket; they will savage her just as mercilessly, unfairly and unjustly. Because it’s not actually about any of those things, and it’s not even about “what’s best for the country.”

It’s about the narrative. A woman cannot be president unless she is a Democrat president, and a veep spot is too close to the Oval for comfort.

UPDATE: On a Facebook timeline there appeared, of course, “Condi is a war criminal.” Oh, tush; if she is, so is the present government. Barack Obama has continued most of Bush’s foreign policies, approved assassination of American citizens, chosen a policy of killing over capture, kept the “gulag” Gitmo open, and how do you like those drones? Mama, they’re all war criminals, now. The Immaculate President has effectively neutralized the “war criminal” charge and taken it out of play.

Glenn Reynolds links. Thanks, Glenn.

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  • willis

    “If this is a trial balloon it needs to be shot down with a nuke. Though it is really a trail ballon, it makes me loose what little confidence in Romney I had.”

    Ok, don’t vote for Romney. You’re going to love the next 4 years of Obama!

  • Nan231

    OMG I can’t believe what I am reading here, she is pro-choice, she supports the Bush foreign policy. Get a grip people, can’t we stop eating our own? Condi Rice is 100 times what anybody on the Democrat ticket is and atleast 20 times what other VEEP candidates there are out there. You smug little people couldn’t hold a candle to Condi and her accomplishments. Get on the train or lose. It’s time we stuck together against these lieing (sp), thieving socialists. Please grow up and understand its time to stop thinking about your puny a** opinion and help the rest of us put a stake in the heart of left.

  • William Jefferson Jr.

    I don’t agree with this. A Republican woman could be the Presidential candidate, but she will never be a VP pick. The VP is announced too close to the convention and too close to the election, so the window for vetting is shortened. That allows female Republicans to get savaged by the media but leaves insufficient time for an adequate response. But I think a Republican woman could be a Presidential candidate, because she would have plenty of time during the course of the primary season to counter attack and get her story out. With a VP, there’s just not enough time.

  • gordon

    If they savage Condi, Demslose the election. Many black Americans won’t stand for it, and many women won’t either. The best the MSM/Dems can do is ignore her and hope she doens’t make a splash. Condi will neutralize the attack machine.

  • Brother Cavil

    Nevermind abortion or social issues, Rice not only was ridiculously pro-Palestinian, but also contributed to the policy failures towards Russia (her alleged specialty, no less!), and apparently couldn’t see the consequences of how Iraqi ‘nation-building’ was likely to pan out! Spare me another hollow intellect…

  • Kevin

    Should Condi be VP? To quote that great philosopher Bryce Harper, That’s a clown question bro.

    Being serious, there really isn’t much upside for Republicans. Yes, Democrats would hate her for the crime of being Republican while Female. Yet we shouldn’t do this just because it will drive them mad.

    Since 2008, the GOP has elected Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker. Bobby Jindal won re-election. The swing states of Florida, Michigan and Ohio elected sensible Republicans who have cleaned up the mess left by their democrat or meglomaniac (Charlie Crist) predecessors. Paul Ryan became the voice of fiscal conservatives with the only plan of saving the republic from itself that actually saves us sometime in the next two centuries. The Senate has seen the rise of Rubio, Paul, Lee and Toomey.

    And we are throwing this away on Condi, who has never been elected anything, is part of an administration conservatives have little desire to relive. As Ramesh Ponnuru said, Romney’s not perfect, but he isn’t nuts.

  • http://Yahoo Cody F

    What scares me most of all is that for the first time ever, we have a Black person who is real and honest. Someone who rose from the bottom to the top based on working and achieving rather than getting a handout or being on welfare. We have a free Black who is not a slave to the machine called Washington DC.Either as President or Vice President, Ms. Rice would fit the bill and this country can once again climb out of the morass it has placed itself in. I hope she accepts the post, if it is offered to her.

  • asdf

    The social conservatives’ worst nightmare is already a reality. Will they really stay home to protest a tepidly pro-choice Condi as veep? The states where this will play any significant role aren’t in play anyway. The only effect will be for the democrats to try to change the subject to abortion– which again was already a foregone conclusion. They’ll try to change the subject to ANYTHING this cycle. And when the alternative is trying to defend Obama’s record on the economy, why not?

    Bringing up the war on terror is, in my mind, a plus. In 2008, Obama was against… well, most of the Bush policies he now supports. Criticize Condi? For what? Rendition? Gitmo? The Surge? Indefinite detention? Military tribunals? Targeted killings? In 2012, those are all Obama policies. In fact, Obama expanded the Targeted Killings program to include American citizens. If that’s a conversation Obama wants to have, then have at it.

    We want the conversation to be about the economy, and about Obama’s dangerous combination of corruption and amateurism. So the fact that Obama’s opposition to the Bush policies was just political opportunism is part of the larger theme that Voters Didn’t Get What They Voted For. They voted for deficit reduction and a net spending cut. They liked the idea of healthcare reform (tentatively), but made sure to vote for the guy who said they could keep their existing plan and who campaigned against an individual mandate. They wanted a post-partisan uniter who could fix the economy. Instead, they got a ruthlessly partisan bully who’s spent the US dry diverting money to political cronies. He didn’t do anything about jobs, but he did stage a wildly unpopular takeover of the healthcare system in the dead of night– including that dreaded Individual Mandate– and rammed it through Congress.

    Pitting Obama 2008 with Obama 2012 (or even Obama 2009) is a winner precisely because it reminds voters how the Obama thing was all one big lie. If you were a principled Obama voter in 2008, the guy you got was the guy you thought you were voting against. “Changing the subject” to Iraq just hammers home that all-encompassing point, and lets Romney pivot back to jobs-based issues at the same time.

  • Troy Riser

    I happen to admire and respect Condoleeza Rice and believe she would be more than capable in any high office to which she is appointed or elected. Some complain about her foreign policy role during the Bush Administration. Her job as President Bush’s Secretary of State was that of any other Secretary of State: to implement the foreign policy of her boss, the President, so if people have problems with those policies, take it up with him, not her. Those who disqualify Rice on the basis of her views on abortion should consider the moral complexities and genuine shades of gray that issue entails. For example, am I a RINO because I don’t believe rape victims should be forced to carry to term those children conceived as the result of a sexual assault? If so, call me a RINO then, oh Guardians of Conservative Purity. It isn’t a simple, straightforward issue.

    Lastly, the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream press are currently claiming straight-arrow Mitt Romney is a closet felon even though they know–and have as much admitted they know–such claims are outright lies intended to generate deceptive headlines, so you can bet nny VP pick Romney makes is going to be smeared and slandered no matter how bland, boring or inoffensively whitebread his selection might be.

    John Adams once rightfully complained of the irrelevance of the position of Vice President. However, throughout our history the office of Vice President has at times become extremely relevant very quickly. We need solid, intelligent people in that position, people very much unlike, say, Joe Biden or Henry Wallace.

    So yes, I’d be excited about a Condoleeza Rice VP pick, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • Joe

    As I see it, everyone is pulling for Romney to pick a VP candidate based on how many voters will be drawn to his camp. Politically, this makes sense but for the country’s sake, it’s a poor reason for picking the possible number 2 man in the country.

    Look at Slow Joe….

  • Sheba D.

    Dr. Rice rocks.

    Dear Virago: Penn State is not in the Ivy League for goodness sakes. Sandusky and Penn State football is a totally different school than Penn – the University of Pennsylvania – which is in the Ivy League. Sigh…

  • bubarooni

    i’d vote for her in a second.

    i wonder about her bona fides with the far right though. gonna need everyone to turn out in november. i know nothing about her views on social issues, which ain’t really to big a deal for this Hoosier.

    any thoughts on that???

  • TallDave

    It’s only a war crime when Republicans do it. That’s why FDR is a hero (for saving Communism) even though he firebombed cities, arrested protesters, summarily executed saboteurs, put innocent people in concentration camps, wiretapped the press, threatened the broadcast media, and sent massive amounts to aid to the Soviet Union, while Bush is a war criminal because soldiers put panties on a prisoner’s head.

  • Lori

    I am praying for a pro-life pick. I have dragged a half-dozen people who usually vote democrat (and who really don’t “dislike” Obama) over to our side for the next election based on Romney being pro-life. I’ve already heard from half of those people that if Romney picks Rice, they don’t trust him as a pro-life president, they expect they’d be betrayed as we all have so many times before by people who pay lip service to being pro-life, and they won’t vote for him with her on the ticket. And I’ve gotta be honest … I’m not sure I would make the effort to go out and vote either. I’m so tired of being let down by politicians who won’t really “be” pro-life.

  • Kevin


    She favors legal abortion. (Something that hasn’t been on a Republican ticket since Roe v Wade.) Her views on gay marriage are ambivalent at best. She is pro affirmative action, something which you barely find in ANY wings of the Republican Party.

    To the neocons, she’s a Scowcroft realist. To the realists, she’s a warmongering imperialist. And anyone actually think Republicans can play the foreign policy card this year, when Obama can (credibly) claim to have killed more terrorists (and Bin Laden) than anyone thought possible?

    The issue isn’t her “bona fides with the far right” who won’t be happy with whoever Romney picks. One asks the question: on which areas does she bring intellectual diversity to the ticket? Which wing of the party does she represent that is not currently represented? What states does she help put in play? Which demographics are put in play by the decision? How is she positioned to deal with the most important issues of the campaign?

    On all of those questions, from mere politics alone (to say nothing of ideology), its a clown pick.

  • Jerome

    Pro. Abortion.

    You people must all be drunk.

  • Catherine

    It would be very interesting to see her debate Joe Biden…or Obama for that matter, lol! What a smackdown it would be. Talk about gravitas! The public is not buying what the democrats are selling this go round, Anchoress. If it were 4 years ago, I would agree. But the public, having seen what was done to Palin, will not be willing to go along so much anymore with the media’s witchhunts, imho, toward an American female with darker skin who speaks fluent Russian..and is a concert pianist just for starters. However, I do agree that Condi would have to shed her professorial demeanor and become a fighter. That I would have to see.

  • gsm5273

    I think Condi would be an excellent VP and she would be a darn sight better President than what we have!

  • Malevolution

    “Mr. Obama, who nearly four years into the gig still seems not to have a handle on the office”


  • sswenviron

    William Jefferson Jr. says:
    July 13, 2012 at 9:20 pm;

    Sir, that is the beauty of Condi for VP. She’s essentially been vetted and a hell of a lot more than Obama ever was. She was a Bush ally and for that reason, she was investigated and they found nothing.

    She’s everything one could ever ask in a presidential candidate let alone VP. Biden has set the bar extremely low, Condi will raise that back to a respectable level.

  • lukuj

    Won’t it be racist if the Democrats criticize Condi in any way? Oh, wait. I forgot. Only Republicans can be racist and Democrats can lie, mislead, and savage black Republicans as much as they like without being accused of racism.

  • rob

    Medved put it very well earlier today: She’s the ideal running mate, in nearly every way, for Rick Santorum. Big-tent, super-competent, and provides a great moderate tempering of his ultra-conservative image.

    However, Santorum’s not the nominee. We’ve already got big-tent, super-competent, and moderate in Gov Romney. His running mate needs to be more conservative and more brash in order to assuage the base’s fears about him.

    I think she’s a better choice than Pawlenty or Portman, two others that are too-much-like-him, but the *correct* choice has to be one of the young noisy reformers.

  • apodoca

    They will savagevCondi with impunity and many blacks will join them. Nobody in the black community said anything when a black radio guy called Condition Aunt Jemima. Nobody in the black community protested when Condition was depicted as a Mammy or a parrot or in disgustingly racist ways in disgustingly racist cartoon because Condition is not a black Democrats and racism is only racist when it is used against Democrats. Ask the black guy who was beated by SEIU thugs in St. Louis if that is not true.

  • Gryphon

    Condi is a superb Veep candidate we’d support if she had to rise to the CINC position. Can anyone say the same for “Joe”? Nuff said.

  • NWBill

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand certain conservatives’ objection or doubts about Rice being on the ticket as VP. I can certainly get why liberals would be against her; in a nutshell, she, like Sarah Palin, represents an animal in nature that scares, puzzles, frustrates, and mocks them; a female conservative who doesn’t believe either in being on the government dole for anything, or that her rights are the result of the march of feminism over the past several decades – and NOT because of any innate talents or skills she may have. To liberals, the mere fact that such a being can exist – and live in the SAME COUNTRY THAT THEY DO – is like having Doctor Who’s police box appear in the Oval Office … you read about it in fiction, but you never truly believe it can happen in real life.

    Condolezza Rice is one of the most accomplished women on the planet, from any viewpoint … and one of her most powerful positives is that SHE’S BEEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE – she has worked in the fishbowl, and she understands the power and prestige of the office – AND its’ connection to the American people. That’s one of the reasons she and GWB got along so famously; it was never about possessing sheer power to them.

    And THAT’S the type of person you want working there – someone who doesn’t savor the power, but uses it as it was intended, and should, be used.

    We have a child in the White House right now, surrounded by other children who are playing with the levers of government, and who have no idea what those levers are for, or when and how they should be used.

    Rice walked into the White House already understanding enough about the place in order to be truly effective there. Great leaders exhibit that skill; it’s one reason why the military loves her so much. She KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE POWER, AND NOT LET IT CONTROL HER – and few institutions understand that more than the military.

    As far as whether the liberals “won’t stand” for her being VP – well, if we have enough votes, they (and their lapdog friends in the press) won’t have much to do about it, now, will they? Can she excel in the office? I think she can. Can she slide into the center seat if necessary?

    I think she can do that, too.

    Can you say the same for Joe Biden? Sometimes I think Obama chose him because he wanted the world to cringe at the prospect of that man being President – and would therefore grant him more understanding and tolerance than would otherwise happen. I’m sure foreign leaders, as much as they ridicule Obama, shake in fear at the prospect of having to deal with his Second just as much.

    So, let’s continue to find and vote for qualified ADULTS to lead us, and recognize that, as much as we’d like them to be, they won’t EVER meet all of our criteria and wish list to the max. Okay?

  • bobbymike

    She has to be destroyed because if the Republicans can ever break into the minority/woman (and Condi is both of course) Dem coalition they are through as a party.

  • Mike C

    If anyone is well able to withstand the slings and arrows of the libbies, then toss them back in a way which reveals her detractors to be the witless, nattering numbskulls they are, that person would be Ms. Rice. Screw the left and their mouldy 19th-century “narrative”.

    And could we please stop our own nattering about “social issues” and focus on the task at hand – namely, defeating the Obamaniks and their media enablers?