Aurora Victim: “I do forgive him…”

A remarkable take-back of power:

Within just a few short hours of surgery on his foot Monday, Aurora, CO shooting victim, Pierce O’Farrill tells nationally-syndicated radio host, Todd Schnitt, that he wants to talk to the shooter, James Holmes.

In the exclusive “Schnitt Show” interview, O’Farrill, who was shot three times, recalls the horror in vivid detail and says,“I would like to talk to him. I do forgive him.”

Mr. O’Farrill is in better shape than other victims, but this reminded me a little of 2007, and The Amish forgiving the murderer of their children.

It’s the working of grace. It must be, right? When we think of Christ, in the midst of his suffering, praying for his tormentors, or we think about the saints who have prayed for their abusers, while they were suffering; think of Blessed Pope John Paul II forgiving his would-be assassin.

What I have found in my own life is that forgiving others has meant that I can get on with my own life; I’m not forever-owned by an event that, while painful — even life-altering — I cannot change. But I confess, I’ve never been able to forgive while in the midst of the wreckage; I am no saint. Others, though, might be. We take instruction from them.

We understand that this is not something we can bring about on our own, except in one circumstance: that we actively open ourselves to this grace, that we make ourselves “willing” to be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit, even if it means forgiving our trespassers, even as they trespass.

It’s always been about willingness — our willingness to be open, to be used, to be a conduit for the workings of the One who is All Healing; All Truth; All Mercy; All Justice; All Peace.

If it were about anything but willingness (for instance, worthiness) nothing would ever help to speed God’s grace and glory.

At mass, we say “Lord, I am not worthy…” and we are not; we never can be. But we may ask to be made willing.

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