Quick Chick-fil-A Roundup – UPDATES

Fr. Dwight Longenecker went to a Chick-fil-A yesterday in a cassock, and he says yesterday was a revolutionary day in protest-theory:

Yesterday’s Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day was the sort of ‘revolt’ this country needs, but it was even better than the non violent revolutions and peaceful protests which have changed the world because it was so ordinary. It was just plain, ordinary Americans getting in their cars and doing a plain, ordinary American thing: going out for lunch to a fast food joint. It was just plain, ordinary Americans doing something plain and ordinary, but positive and joyful and good. In buying an ordinary tasty chicken sandwich at their corner fast food emporium ordinary Americans were expressing the wish to be left alone to be ordinary Americans.

Read it all.

Meanwhile, Mollie Hemingway is calling “untruth” at a journalist who remarked on Facebook (Ann Althouse is, too) but appears not to have filed a report:

I’m leaving out a ton of stuff on the thread. The slurs against “Bible-based haters.” The discussion of how to physically attack Chick-fil-As. The messages were shared by reporters, including someone from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel who says it was “something to consider” and a FoxNews.com reporter who says in response to someone that “we know that’s not the case” that the customers are standing up for free speech,

So obviously the first thing I wanted to do was find out how Krzos’ story turned out. I mean, I have worked with some seriously political journalists who can just turn off their political views and just do a great job reporting when called upon. But I was curious. Would this level of bigotry against Christians, this level of interpretation about the average Chick-fil-A customer be able to managed?

I mean, to be clear, while Krzos’ account is dramatically different from literally everything I’ve heard from friends and family members across the country, maybe he did happen to come across a place that was magically different. Maybe he did. Maybe his previous strenuous bias against the company had nothing to do with what he reported on. I don’t know. But I am curious how his story turned out. Unfortunately I can’t find it.

The weird thing is that the News-Press has a story on the local deluge of customers. It’s just not written by Krzos. And it’s good — seems to capture the mood I and my friends and families experienced while also giving background on the story and a voice to those who oppose Chick-fil-A. But it’s written by someone else. The lede is “They came for free speech, they came for traditional values and they came for waffle fries.”

Mollie has a bunch of links to news reports included in her piece, so check it out. From what I have heard from friends (and read) it seems like the atmosphere was not snarling hate but a festive sort of “feast on fast food for freedom”.

Instapundit has a big roundup from yesterday.

It makes sense that capitalists would be better at buycotts than boycotts

I have some thoughts about the day, myself (and they might surprise some given this, but they’re not about the protest, per se) but the day is a busy one, so perhaps check back later!

Ed Morrissey has more, and the news that there will be a gay “kiss-in” tomorrow?

Brandon Vogt has four failures in the Chick-fil-A controversy

Calah Alexander
, who is eight months pregnant, dealing with migraines and currently has zero-tolerance for BS, says she’s loves Chick-fil-A but then explains why she found yesterday a bit disturbing:

What I saw yesterday, in the hordes of people swarming into Chick-fil-a and gleefully posting pictures of the crowds on facebook, was an overreaction to an overreaction to a complete and utter non-event. As far as I’ve been able to tell, the inciting incident was an interview by the Baptist Press (and I’m amazed that anyone could even feign outrage over this) in which Dan Cathy reaffirmed his company’s commitment to traditional marriage. This is quite literally the equivalent of an interview with Jezebel in which a well-known gay-rights activist, let’s say, Lady Gaga, said, “yup, I still support same-sex marriage.” Cue the outrageous outrage. Left-wing media outlets began digging up old interviews and company donations and slapping them into histrionic stories, and the LGTB community lost their ever-loving minds over it. Mayors began hysterically talking about banning Chick-fil-a, an absolutely unconstitutional and insane thing to propose, celebrities freaked, the Jim Henson Company threw a hissy fit, and the whole world ended.

Read it all — she has some valid-points:

Color me apathetic if you will, but I’m tired of dancing to someone else’s manufactured tune. There are real issues at stake in this country, and what the CEO of Chick-fil-a believes about gay marriage is not one of them.

Do not mess with the pregnant lady! :-)

Remember that reporter who nobody believed? yeah


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