For St. Dominic’s Feastday, A Sale!

In honor of Saint Dominic, the Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ are giving us an opportunity to stock up on their wonderful soaps, cremes, room sprays, books and more, from their online Cloister Shoppe:

TWO DAY SALE August 7-8
20% off orders over $25
Put in dominic20 in the coupon box at checkout.
Excludes wholesale and sale items.

I need to order some more of their excellent liquid hand soap, which my family loves, and their hand creme — you know it’s the best stuff, right?

If you have someone heading off to college soon, you might want to get them some soaps and stuff, including these sprays to help combat dorm-room funk. Or even a statue, to keep them mindful! Anything to keep them, and their prayers going, for the rest of us! I love these women!

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