In honor of St. Dominic and his Sons and Daughters

I’ve said before that were I not a Benedictine I would probably be a Dominican. They have so many cool tertiaries (Hello, Pier Giorgio and Catherine of Siena!).

So, in honor of the feastday of St. Benedict, let’s hear about the meaning of the Dominican habit — which is essentially unchanged since its beginnings — from some of his spiritual children who take delight in wearing it:

Brother Lew, OP, gives us the garment’s history (and the prayers the friars say as they put it on) while Sister Mary Catharine, OP, writes of the powerful moment of investition and the daily “gift and reminder” it becomes.

The habit does not make the religious, that’s for sure, but they do continue to fascinate us. It’s nice to get to know the meaning behind its trappings.

Oh, and don’t forget, for St. Dominic’s day, Sr. Catharine’s community is offering 20% off on purchases over $25, from their online shoppe. Their products are uniformly — er, habitually — terrific.

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