No More Pelvic Whips!

Thanks to Leah Libresco who included this in a post full of interesting things — the evolution of women’s gymnastics and the uneven bars:

YouTube Preview Image

I admit, as thrilling as it was to see Olga Korbut’s astounding backflip off the high bar, I’m glad they’re no longer allowed to do that, or those pelvic whips, which may have been fine at the slower speeds of the 1950′s but I think have to be pretty harmful/painful with today’s faster-paced routines.

Check out Leah’s quick takes!

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  • leahlibresco

    I thought it was interesting that the appropriate adjective for the event seems to have shifted from ‘rugged’ to ‘effortless.’

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Lots of shifts — the flying is a lot easier, given that the standard gymnast is younger and smaller than 50 years ago. And is um…not trying to perform gymnastics while wearing a ladylike hairpiece! :-)

  • Sparki

    I remember having to do those durned pelvic whips in grade school PE class in the 1970s. Yes, they were painful! In an era where girls in a neighboring state (Iowa) weren’t allowed to play full court basketball for fear their “wombs would fall,” I’m amazed they made us Chicago public schoolgirls slam our pelvises against those oak bars again and again and again. But what really makes me cringe is the lack of wrist guards until the 1990s. How those women’s joints must have ached after those routines! Wrist guards clearly enable today’s gymnasts to do all sorts of things that just weren’t possible without them.

  • Jenny

    What I find amusing about the uneven bars are the spotters. As if the single outstretched arm of a not well situated person is going to break her fall.

    I enjoy gymnastics, but, as of late, I find it a bit depressing to watch. Especially with the sound on. The announcers are insufferable and the judges are ticky-tack. No way Nadia gets a 10 these days. Did you see her step on the landing?

  • Maureen

    What is even more interesting is the distance between the two bars – and that about 90% of the routine is done on the high bar. Why bother with two bars, just have the high bar like the men