God not “booed” but DNC Policies and Smarts Unclear

After the Democrats made a hasty move to restore God and a policy about Jerusalem into their national platform, from which they’d earlier been expunged, I see a lot of headlines (and tweets) about this video, and describing convention attendees as “booing God and Jerusalem.”

If, in fact, that’s what they’re doing, you gotta think that (especially for the so-called “smart” party**), that’s pretty dumb. Not only do you not put those optics out there, you also don’t give an impression that you’re done with God or weak on God’s holiest spot, Jerusalem, and you especially don’t do it when the headlines are blaring that your policy on Jerusalem is so oblique as to be indeterminable. You want to take a stand. You want your position to be clear, or at least seem clear.

And what better way to do that, while managing to absolve any one person of responsibility for a possibly-controversial position than to follow the voices of the people!

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It seems to me the booing had nothing to do with God or Israel and plenty to do with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa calling a 2/3 majority when the vocal responses sounded like at least a 50/50 division (and perhaps even a 60/40 for the nays) to many ears, including mine. Villaraigosa himself looked pretty discomfited making the call. As Rebecca says, it was hardly a slam-dunk.

Put it more succinctly, the optics have gone from bad (i.e., “this party hates God and Jerusalem”) to even worse: “this party makes a show of listening, then does what it damn pleases.”

Then again, that last is merely an affirmation of what what has been known at least since the Democrat-led house and senate passed Obamacare in the face of public resistance and polling, and the president said, “eat your peas.”

I agree with Mollie Hemingway who writes:

I’m not sure if they were booing God, Jerusalem, Villaraigosa’s violation of the democratic process or some combination therein. But that’s not going to make for a pretty campaign commercial.

Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit writes:

That’s the second time in 24 hours that Obama’s been forced to disclaim responsibility for some terribly counterproductive messaging at the convention. Weird how the rank-and-file have these crazy ideas that he in no way shares, isn’t it?

It’s okay, the press is in suicide prevention mode, so the Dems will survive this. The missteps will fly down the memory holes and by Friday we’ll see pictures of Barack Obama looking like Miss America, except for ballgown and flowers.

**THE SMART PARTY** (As I write this Elizabeth Warren has not yet spoken, but to start: “Give this president a Democratic Senate and he can get results.”

“Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) appeared to botch American and Brooklyn political history during an appearance on “The Colbert Report” that aired Tuesday night, saying that slavery in the United States persisted under the Dutch as late as 1898.”

“I decided to do the right thing” and not let her husband vote

Lost in the face of irony

UPDATE: There is some debate about whether President Obama originally okayed the initial God-removing change to the platform. According to this report:

President Barack Obama . . . supported a Democratic Party platform change that does not state that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It was a dramatic change from what the president said when he was running for office the first time.

While here:

An Obama campaign official told The Cable late Wednesday that the change in platform was made to reflect the personal views of Obama, who believes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and who “personally intervened” to ask for the platform change.

Politico says Obama saw the platform and signed off on it before the convention. Perhaps he didn’t read it. He’s busy.

Believe what you want, of course — everyone will, anyway — but I think it would be a very good idea, if Obama does indeed believe that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, that he let Chuck Schumer and Jay Carney know about it.

Facepalm moment

UPDATE III: DaTechGuy has a roundup of reactions to the vote.

UPDATE IV: Holy smokes! What color is the sky in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s world?

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  • ahem

    What do you mean God was not booed? What do you think the “Nay” vote represented? It sure as hell wasn’t a hurrah.

    Obama has done nothing but harm Israel for the last four years. He helped precipitate an unbroken swathe of radical Islamist governments from north Africa to Turkey. He put American soldiers in Libya illegally. He’s got the US doing joint exercises with the Muslim Brotherhood. You have to be in some heavy denial in order to believe he might disapprove of the original anti-Israel platform language. Wake up!

    Why is it so very difficult for Catholics to understand what is happening before their very eyes?

  • Jim

    Let’s see the Dems try to spin their way out of this one. Its going to go something like this; “Who you gonna believe, me or your old lyin’ eyes and ears?”

  • Bender

    **perhaps even a 60/40 for the nays**

    Ahem is right. Fine, they weren’t “booing” God, they were simply screaming “NO” to God.

    And what is the point of making such a distinction without a difference? Why obfuscate the underlying reality? Why provide cover for them?

    If they want to say “NO!” to God, that is their right. If that is what they think, they should scream it loudly. Who are any of us to deny that that is exactly what perhaps even 60 percent said? Let the truth be known. As it is, the amended platform to include a positive reference to God is a lie, it is NOT the position of the convention delegates, as was made clear by their own vote.

  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    They didn’t boo God. That would at least have given Him the respect of existence. They don’t believe in God. They booed the Democratic leadership for for being hypocritical and going against their core beliefs just to save face with the general public.

  • Baby M

    A lot of my friends (or people I at least know) who are Obama fans are openly hostile to all religion, particularly Christianity, especially Catholicism. They openly and brazenly mock belief, call for the repeal of the Free Exercise Clause, and so on and so on. I get the real sense that this is the the core belief of their party and their hero Obama.

    Okay. Fine. If that’s what you think, man up and OWN it. Stop pretending to respect people of faith and the free exercise of religion. Proclaim your atheism and your contempt, loud and proud. After all, the only real sin (in your eyes, anyway) is inauthenticity.

  • LisaB

    *It seems to me the booing had nothing to do with God or Israel and plenty to do with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa calling a 2/3 majority when the vocal responses sounded like at least a 50/50 division (and perhaps even a 60/40 for the nays) to many ears, including mine.*

    Again… a distinction without a difference.

    This is what I heard * a 60/40 for the nays* and by the look on Mayor Villaraigosa’s face that is what he heard too. By the grace of God Villaraigosa is one fortunate man for going against that vote. A Pontius Pilate moment, indeed!

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  • Mary

    I definitely believe at least half of those in attendance were booing God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. No one would have booed at all when Villaraigosa announced the result of the voting so at least half of those who voted were dissatisfied with the outcome which means this is the half that wants God “removed” from the platform. I think you are being too kind in your assessment of the situation.

  • deacon john m. bresnahan

    What happened is that what many people believe about the modern Democratic Party has been revealed and spotlighted. It is as if the curtain has been pulled back so all can see what the biased liberal media has been fastidiously hiding from view. I am sure the media will now shove this story down its Orwellian memory hole and act like the police at a bloody accident telling people: “Move along! Notghing to see here! MOVE ALONG! MOVE ALONG!”

  • kevin

    “By the grace of God Villaraigosa is one fortunate man for going against that vote. A Pontius Pilate moment, indeed!”

    Sorry but he only repeated what the teleprompter had written on it, word for word…..I did the research and he said exactly what he was told to say and nothing more (I tried to attach the pic but couldn’t)