Tales of Women, Sex and Salvation

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Two Patheos bloggers are talking seriously about women and sex today, both from very different perspectives, both worth reading.

At Rebecca Hamilton’s blog Public Catholic, she has turned her space over to a guest blogger willing to share a harrowing story of the realities of human trafficking:

I moved to New Orleans in 1980 and lived there for several years. I managed a restaurant and hotel on the outskirts of the French Quarter, and continued the downward spiral in my life. it was during this time that I became involved with the owners of the hotel, and my addictions had increased to the point of having delirium tremors if I did not get up and have a drink at 2am every morning.

One night we had a party at the hotel, and I went and had sex with one of the owners. The next morning I woke up and there was a pile of money beside my bed. In the prostitution world, this is similar to being “jumped” into a gang.

There were six men involved in the operation. They each had their own business and then had one together. All of the men each had a woman, and one had control over me. I was sold to cops in New Orleans (used as hush money) to keep them quiet. I had to watch pornographic films and then perform those same acts, all the while enduring painful sexual acts behind closed doors.

Do read it all. Pray for the people — and they are often very young — who are ensnared in this world, and for those who help them.

Meanwhile, Katrina Fernandez of The Crescat is in Charlotte, and she writes affectingly of a sort of “encounter” with her old, “riot grrrl” self:

Since I’ve walked in pro-choice shoes and lived as an angry feminist it’s a little difficult for me to be too hard on them. It feels a bit like beating up twenty year old me. I know if I went back in time and met Twenty Something Kat and talked to her the way I write about people here no progress would get made. Past Self would wonder who invited the old lady with her antiquated views to the party. Then Present Me would have to drink her under the table to show her who’s boss. No, no. Indeed that won’t do. I think the best approach would be to invite them to rethink what they consider legitimate concerns of American women.

The lady in the above photo is an activist named Sunsara Taylor. Recently she was here in Charlotte verbally attacking an 11 year old girl named Zoe Griffin to the point of tears. If I were to address her, and women like her, I would try and help them realize how misogynistic their ideologies truly are. A true feminists rallies behind all women, regardless of whether their politics and religious views match her own. If women are to be free to publicly express their views than “feminists” must extend those freedoms to all female voices – even the pro-life ones. And if they believe women are equal in dignity than they must also extend that dignity equally.

Read on. Katrina’s title belies the real tone of her content; it’s some of the gentlest writing she’s done and a real reaching-out to women who hold very different opinions.

Two good pieces giving us lots to chew on and pray about.

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