An Internet Fast

(“Soothe my Sorrows” Icon via Holy Transfiguration Monastery)

One week, for my spirit — must do it. But I’ve some post scheduled for during the week, so check back! :-) Please pray for me!

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  • Nneka Bosland

    Hello, enjoy your internet fast…but as soon as you come back, go to Here you will find a magazine for catholic women that enhances and celebrates Christ-centered femininity. It’s absolutely awesome and I hope that you contact them and do a feature on it. God bless you :-)

  • David

    You should do well in your internet fasting. I tried it back in July for 10 days. You may find out that all that “connectedness” isn’t necessary, and may lead you to spending less time with your computer and other devices.

    I’ll look forward when you write about this experience.

  • Maggie Goff

    I pray for you every day anyway. :) I’m thinking of doing the same thing, or at least deactivating Facebook for a while. There are many sites on the internet that I use for prayers. I’m torn. But will definitely will be praying for you.

  • J. H. M. Ortiz

    I wish you well, Ma’am, during (and beyond) your “internet fast”, not only for your sake, but also for the sake of us your readers who both benefit from and enjoy your posts, which are characteristically intelligent, balanced, and fair — and occasionally hilarious. (Unforgettably droll and surreally witty was the lead-in to a post of yours several months ago {when CHA withdrew its support of the HHS Mandate}, which ran something like: “I heard the sound of E. J. Dionne screaming, so I ran to the headlines to see what was the matter.”)

  • Victor

    Gee Anchoress, I was always under the mental con vic shawn, I mean conviction that you always had a fast internet!

    NO! NO WAKE UP Victor! She’s going to be fasting from the internet! DAH!?

    I knew that sinner vic! I was just teasing you and your so called 92% imaginary, spiritual ESC because lately, I’ve been having so much problems with my computer and thinking of giving “IT” UP also.

    All kidding aside Anchoress! If you’re not careful, The Holy Spirit will be turning you into “ONE” of His and/or Her Angel Saints and then you’ll need to undergo “ONE” of GOD (Good Old Dad) Transform “A” Shawn reversing step?

    Go Figure folks! :)

    Good luck and God Bless


  • FWKen

    Been reading and enjoying your writings. God bless. I gave up reading blogs for Lent this year and it was helpful. Whatever you need, may the Lord supply.