No Snark: Someone needs to remind Obama

A completely snark-free post, because the issue is serious:

With the news (and the admission) that the Benghazi violence of September 11, which included the murder of our Ambassador, was not a spontaneous outburst of emotion but a planned attack — quite possibly involving Al Qaeda — it’s worth reminding the President and the rest of the country of something important:

From the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center to the attacks on New York and Washington, DC, in 2001, Al Qaeda launched attacks on American embassies and interests, and of course the USS Cole, an average of once every 18 months.

When Al Qaeda’s attacks are not responded to, they become bolder.

I am not suggesting what any sort of response should be — because I do not know. I have never been a fan of drones, and I certainly don’t support kill lists. I wish all war would end.

Maybe smart diplomacy — if it’s freaking brilliant beyond anything we have seen in modern history — can bring Al Qaeda terrorists around to laying down their weapons. Perhaps Pope Benedict’s brave and spectacularly successful trip to Lebanon, which was concurrent with so many uprisings in the Middle East, will stir something by way of the Holy Spirit, and amazing things will happen.

I don’t know. Anything is possible. But I do know that history, when it goes ignored, tends to repeat itself. And that the last time Al Qaeda thought it saw a weak horse, it was a bloody decade for America.

And I just want people to remember that — especially whoever is sitting in the White House this time next year — and take it into consideration, before more lives are lost.

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