MSM Holds Its Freedom Cheap; Ours, Too

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My column at First Things this week chronicles the almost surreal behavior of the mainstream media as they do whatever they can to propel Obama and their preferred narrative forward.

When the State Department threatened to go into a bureaucratic swoon of Judy-Garlandesque proportions if forced to answer questions about the attack, the press offered a thoughtful cold compress to soothe its frazzled brow, and then closed the door softly, as it made its way out.

After the administration finally admitted to Congress that the September 11th violence was, in fact, a terror attack—quite possibly planned by Al Qaeda and released former detainees of Guantanamo Bay—the press corps heard White House Spokesman Jay Carney affirm that the attacks were “self-evidently” terrorist in nature. The press expressed no surprise at the change in story; they simply, dutifully, repeated what they had been told, while also declaring Mitt Romney’s campaign “lost”, thanks to a tape from May of 2012, wherein Romney made an elitist, possibly racist, suggestion that 47 percent of the country, realistically, would never vote for him.

It took a Spanish-language interview with Univision for President Obama to be asked direct and pointed questions about Libya and other issues, and the president’s answers were largely meandering and unfocused, like the defensive moves of a boxer who has taken a surprise hit and is trying to run out the clock for the safety of his corner.

This week, it has seemed to me that Obama would be fine with losing this gig, and being done with having to answer to so many, or anyone.

The media are willfully transforming into Pravda on behalf of a president who looks, increasingly, like a man who wishes it would all go away.

I’ve taken to wondering if perhaps Obama does not really want to be re-elected, and the press is thwarting him at every turn; perhaps an Obama victory is merely incidental to the press, as long as their narrative is sustained.

You can read the rest, here.

Of course, none of this should surprise us. Seems a natural progression from where we were four years ago, this week.

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  • LisaB

    “I’ve taken to wondering if perhaps Obama does not really want to be re-elected, and the press is thwarting him at every turn”

    BINGO! He wants to be a celebrity, not a president. They should really just let him “unexpectedly” lose the election so he can have his own talk show.

    “People willing to dissolve their own freedoms so cheaply have no interest in anyone else’s freedom, either. ”
    Chilling statement.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    On the other hand, Obama might very much want to be re-elected. ‘

    At this point, he might think that there’s no real point in concealing what he actually is, anymore.

    (Excellent article, Anchoress!)

  • Manny

    Anchoress, I read the entire piece at First Things. Outstanding summary and indictment. I don’t know how one goes about submitting piece to an Op-Ed newspaper, but really that should get put in the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed. If there is a way for you to submit that to their editorial board, I hope you do.

    Just think about what happened here. They claimed it wasn’t terrorism or a planned attack and then when that couldn’t hold up to scrutiny they claimed it was “self evident” that it was. That means they lied all along. The absolute chutzpah! These guys should be run out of town.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Love the Judy Garland imagery about the “Frazzled brow” and the ice pack! That’s exactly what the MSM was doing, LOL!

  • dry valleys
  • David

    It goes beyond the lack of curiosity, the bias, and intellectual dishonesty of the MSM. They really believe we’re all too stupid to notice. It’s much like Obama, who believes we’re all too stupid to notice he’s failed (in his words, grades incomplete).