A “Year of Faith”, Whatzat?

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I have a deep feeling of excitement about the upcoming “Year of Faith” which Pope Benedict has declared for 2012-2013, and which begins on October 11. Our good pope has proven himself to be a savvy fellow who is very much aware of the times, and I think this year of faith is going to be something we at Patheos will be talking about a great deal. I’ve already more or less started with this piece.

Pat Gohn, however, has a brilliant analogy that will really help you understand what the upcoming year is about, and she shares it in her column, this week. Ruminating on her upcoming 30th wedding anniversary she writes:

The true task of the Year of Faith is so simple we might miss it: it is a call to be in a relationship with Jesus—not to just know of him, but to know him.

Faith practice is like a marriage that has many good and holy distractions: children, work, worship, and any number of special events in the course of a year. Yet the heart of the thing is the relationship of the lovers at its center. It all begins with an encounter with another person, and the development of an on-going committed relationship that leads to fruitful love.

Everything about the Year of Faith should point to Jesus and flow from him.

Pat points out that the Year of Faith begins on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, which is also the 20th anniversary of the promulgation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is an affirmation of both of those events.

The Year of Faith is going to get us back in touch with the basics of our Catholic identity and the devotions, the community celebrations, the shared love of the Eucharist that is at the core of our beings. I love this simple, easy-to-participate-in idea from Flocknote. A whole year of instruction from the Catechism, at your fingertips, for free!

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