Obama, Dems Almost Answerable to No One

Obama already doesn’t answer to the mainstream press — and they’re fine with that which is why they never ask him directly challenging questions, or even simple ones like, “can we see your college transcripts?” I mean, that’s an easy one. And the follow up is easy, too: “why not?”

Another easy-peasy: “define ‘transparency’”.

So, forget the press. Obama does not answer to them and never will, because the press doesn’t even want that. They’ve worked very hard building their narrative and they don’t want it mussed with.

Obama barely answers to congress. His own wife admits that he’s “done a phenomenal job” making end-runs around legislation (96 Executive Orders and counting) and his administration co-operates as little with congressional inquiries (or with congress, itself) as possible, while the press either plays it down or simply ignores it, for them.

And so, particularly since the GOP hasn’t the balls to do more than harrumph about much of anything, Obama answers minimally to that branch of government, and seems disinclined to want to do more.

And now, of course, this Libya story. It’s pretty bad. Three weeks after the attack (during which time various media types have admitted that yeah, this was a terror-attack, they’re still allowing Obama to carry on about a video, without question) we learn that the Embassy compound in Benghazi still has not been secured, and oh, yeah, sensitive documents are lying on the ground.

Let’s not even bother dwelling on the howls of (justified) outrage that would greet this information, by both the press and the Democrats (yes, I am redundant) were a Republican president currently in office. Let’s think about these two realities: Hillary Clinton wants Congress to not fuss about Benghazi until after the elections, and basically has the balls to say that (she has what the GOP congress lacks) and oh, yeah, she knew it was a dangerous situation.

The vibe is, “just let’s get past these next few weeks, and nothing will matter, anymore. If that takes a sudden ambassadorship to make an inconvenient story go away, so be it.

Here’s what I’m starting to think about Benghazi, why it happened, when it should not have — there were warnings enough about the security situation — and why the White House and State went out of their way to try to call the thing anything, anything, but a terror attack: I think the Obama administration — the whole boiling of them, and Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Reid and their posses and pals — have become so confident that a victory in this election means they will never again have to answer to anyone about anything, that in their heads, they’re already there.

And the Benghazi story is inconvenient in timing, but not in scope. It “complicates” things, but it can be gotten through.

All they have to do is continue to tell the press they can’t answer any questions, keep obfuscating the already muddied story with talk of a video, get the spineless congress to delay their investigations (or dismiss them, with the help of the press, as “political desperation” if the congress insists) and run out the clock.

Win in November and that’s the game. Between the compliant, incurious and obsequious press, a cadre of fully-established-and-in-place White House Czars, continual “flick of the wrist, law of the land” Executive Orders, a noodle-spined congress, a senate controlled by a man who feels no compunction about stopping any-and-all-legislation not completely to his liking, and a couple more Supreme Court Justices?

“Hey, transmit to Vladimir (and Chavez, and Ahmadinejad and who-all else) that if they can just wait until after the election — then I can do as I damn please. I’ve got the precedents. I’ve got the tools, I’ve got the talent; I’ve got the drones, foreign and domestic.

And I’ll never have to answer to the press, the congress or the American people, again.”

Basically, all they have to do is grit their teeth
, hold on and — with the help of their mainstream pals — plow through any pesky, irritating Benghazi resistance. If they emerge victorious in November? The world is their oyster, with an R in every month.

And by the way, if that happens, there will be plenty of blame to go around, but the major culprit will not be Obama — it will be a mainstream media that has been completely, happily, determinedly derelict in its duty to the public trust for at least the past decade, but certainly since Obama emerged as a serious candidate in 2007. A republic cannot withstand the loss of an unencumbered press, and our press wasn’t even pressured into its encumbrances; it took them on willfully, carried Obama into the White House on its shoulders and then bowed out of the Oval chamber, ass-first and with besotted trembling.

A kind of coup d’ Etat? But, of course. Some of us described how it would go down ‘way back in 2005.

Someone asked me the other day why I’m not promoting this. Well, you know me, I’m not much of a joiner. I’m all for prayer and fasting, though. I just wonder whether we’re in a season of penance when blessings are not so much withheld as tough to recognize. In which case, perhaps we need to pray and fast for strength and fortitude for a tremendous battle.

So, you’re getting ready for the debate? A few things to keep in mind:

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Press also not reporting on this, but of course.

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    While the press will certainly is culpable, I think the American voter deserves some blame as well.

    We have the internet, we have alterantive sources of information now, but most voters just went along with the flow, bought into the whole Hope ‘n Change-Obama’s gonna bring us all together-an-pay-my-mortgate-an-gimme-a-free-iphone-and-a-pony! Anyone who didn’t go along with this was denounced as a mean old meany-face, and, probably, racist as well. The public was more than willing to be bamboozled by the press. Negative comments about Obama were met with the collective equivalent of sticking one’s fingers in one’s ears and droning, “La, la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you!”

    We’ve nobody to blame but ourselves. Or, in the immortal words of Pogo, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I mean, consider this:

    We’ve had the Fast & Furious scandal. We’ve had the Solyndra scandal. We’ve had the national debt quadrupled. We’ve had evidence of Moslem Brotherhood connections in the State Department, and, now, we’ve had the Libya atrocity—our ambassador murdered, vital documents taken, our embassies under attack all across the Middle East. The administration lied about what really happened—trying to blame it all on a video—even going to far as to have the alleged video maker arrested (so much for the First Amendment!)

    Now, with all this. . .

    Why is Obama still polling as high as he is? After all he’s done? In fact, why is he even still in office? Why isn’t he being impeached? Why aren’t Congress, the House of Representatives, etc., putting pressure on him to step down?

    If America is stupid and venal enough to elect this man to a second term, after all he’s done—by God, it will deserve what it gets! (No, the posters here won’t deserve it, the Anchoress won’t deserve it, lots of people won’t deserve it—but our country as a whole certainly will!)

  • Joe Odegaard

    He’ll be called to account this November 6th, and he will have to answer that.

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  • Fiestamom

    Now you’re really scaring me. Because I fear you’re right. How is it not news that an American ambassador was assassinated? On 9/11?

    What is going to happen n November 7 if he wins? Where in the world are the Republicans? It’s their country too, but they seem more interested in staying in the good graces of the press, than in enforcing the Constitution. I say in all seriousness, it wouldn’t surprise me if some Republicans are being blackmailed. But all of them? This is our country, and they swore to uphold the Constitution.

  • David

    We may reached the point where we may need to lose everything before we realize what we have lost. Major Garrett on “CBS This Morning” said on Monday a lot of people have been numbed by the 3-1/2 years of hardship, and appear to have accepted that as the way it has to be. Interpreted, Obama has cowed us to accept and know our “place”. If we don’t, …

  • http://catholicsensibility.wordpress.com/ Todd Flowerday

    “Why is Obama still polling as high as he is?”

    Because the GOP hasn’t surfaced a viable candidate.

    “In fact, why is he even still in office?”

    Because the US president serves a four-year term.

    “Why isn’t he being impeached?”

    Because in the American system, you don’t get impeached unless you’ve done something illegal. It’s not enough to be disliked by Republicans. I think it would be great if congressional Republicans went for articles of impeachment right now. I dare you.

    ” … why the White House and State went out of their way to try to call the thing anything, anything, but a terror attack …”

    It was clear from the beginning it was. You just don’t waltz into the nearest Sam’s Club after you watch your morning dose of YouTube and order up weaponry like that. It could be that the WH doesn’t want to give terrorists public credit. I think we all know this web site’s commentariat would call for Mr Obama’s impeachment for a hangnail. Yawn. Nothing new.

    I know it’s galling, but consider that at this point in the campaign, Montana is more of a swing state than Pennsylvania. I think if we had a viable third party candidate, this might be a real race. But Republicans back in charge after eight years of Mr Bush? Forget it.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Oh, yawn! Yes, indeed, nothing new! So our ambassador, and some navy seals got killed, in a terrorist attack on 9/11. Oh, how dull! How very uninteresting.

    It’s also terribly boring that our embassies are under attack throughout the Middle East. I mean, what do you expect Obama to do about this? Act like he’s Commander in Chief, or something? I mean, really, maybe they just didn’t want to give the terrorists credit? Maybe they just wanted to ignore them? Because, of course, it’s well known that terrorists just go away, if you ignore them.

    Anyway, everybody knew right away that it was a terrorist attack—even though Hillary, and the State Department, kept on blaming the “Innocence of Moslems” video! They just didn’t want to give the terrorists any credit for it! They thought it was a much better idea to arrest the guy who made the video, instead. I mean, sheesh, you guys are so sensitive! You’ll just criticize Obama for anything, won’t you? You want him impeached for any, and every little thing, even trivial stuff like Fast and Furious. . um, waitaminute, maybe we better not talk about that. . .

    Ahem! Anyway, Obama’s going to send the FBI into LIbya, to arrest all the bad guys. Just as soon as the Libyan government lets them in. Which isn’t going to be anytime soon, because it’s not save to send them in there, just yet. Maybe they’ll get in there, and get all those special, sensitive documents. Someday. Maybe. . .

    And Mitt Romney is not a credible candidate. This is because he’s a Mormon. Or, maybe, it’s because he’s conservative. Or a Republican. But he’s not credible. This is because Republicans cannot be credible candidates. I mean, look at Bush! He was the source of all evil in the cosmos! (And still is, as far as I know!)

    I mean really—how could you possibly want Republicans—or anybody else—after four years of Obama?

    And, now, I think it’s time we blame Bush again! Bush=badness! Bush is definitely not a credible candidate, and, what’s more, he doesn’t come from Montana! Or Pennsylvania, either!

    /Oh yes, the above was sarc.! :)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I mean, for gosh sakes, who cares about a few terrorists blowing up a few things here and there, or killing an ambassador, or two? That’s just a bump in the road! We need to tackle the important issues in this election! Such as, if Obama isn’t re-elected, how are 30 year old “Schoolgirls” going to pay for their birth control pills? And who’se going to tell schoolkids what they can eat for lunch? And who’se going to give us free iphones? Certainly not Bush! Bush is the evil wart on the hindquarters of the Dark Side! Have we blamed him again? We should! It was all Bush’s fault!

    And pay no attention to that Arab Spring, behind the curtain!

  • eamon

    It’s like Chuchill said, ‘there are ‘facts’ and then there are true-facts’. Pat Caddell has finally decided the American media will have nothing to do with the latter:


  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    Obama was called out in the debate last night. It wasn’t just style. Obama had no coherent answers for why we are where we are. Romney kicked his butt because the facts are not on Obama’s side. Yes, Romney was polished and had facts on his fingertips. But the facts were the key. Obama’s evasion of the media for over two years has come back to haunt him. If he had faced the media, if the media had really challenged him these past four years, Obama may have been better able to defend his record. But then again he would have looked this bad for four years because at the heart of all this Obama is an empty suit. All he knows is Liberal platitudes. I just hope Americans see this by November.

  • FW Ken

    What I heard last night was the soft crackle of straw men burning. That’s a good thing; most presidential debates in my memory were little more than contiguous stump speeches interlaced with preening. It was good debate of substantive policy issues..

    As to Libya, the president needed the anti-Muslim video narrative to divert attention from his claims about decimating al Quaeda, and also to divert attention from the gross incompetence that left the ambassador in a hot spot on 9/11 with inadequate security. That the press largely participated in the coverup is despicable, but predictable. There’s a whole list of propaganda items which will ultimately bring down the legacy media and Libya will likely be a big one.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    FW Ken, I hope you’re right!

    Certainly, the way the media handled Libya is appalling, and they certainly need to be brought down for that.

  • Skay

    The Obama media panel will try to destroy Romney in the next debate while asking Obama
    how the weather is that day.

    In fact, given the media’s obvious bias–they will probably get their questions and the next day’s headlines from the Obama campaign.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I think it’s a pretty sure bet the Left isn’t going to give up. Therefore, we have to continue exposing them. Check out the link to the Sarah Hoyt article listed above, “How to Fight a rear-guard action.”

  • http://www.cleansingfiredor.com Nerina


    Do you have a blog? If not, get one! I could read you all day.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Sorry, Nerina, I don’t have a blog.

    (But thank you very much for your kind words! Aw, shucks. . . you’re making me blush!)