Lisa Hendey, making me look good

August and September were unusually busy months — they flew by in a blur — and for that reason I wasn’t able to really clue in to what Brandon Vogt had in mind when he started a generous project meant to identify and promote Catholic speakers. See, I’m telling you that I was too busy to focus and get it, because I’d rather say that than simply admit, “I am dim.”

Vanity, vanity!

The second part of the project was an interview process (print and video) and since no one else wanted me, the mighty Lisa Hendey — noted author, speaker and the brains behind — lost and got me.

How “mighty” is Lisa? Ave Maria Press has partnered with her to produce “ Books”, which is pretty cool. The first release is Sarah Reinhard’s A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism, a book I highly recommend for anyone you know who is on that road and about which I will be writing more in a day or so!

I had the pleasure, this summer, of seeing Lisa Hendey make an excellent presentation on using social media to advance the New Evangelization, and she is so down to earth, smart, creative and engaged that I realized I had a lot to learn from her.

Which makes it odd that she ended up interviewing me about public speaking. But the world can be an odd place, sometimes.

Anyway, here is the interview and yes, I do go on; I apologize for the giant use of my Irish mug, but just read around the picture, and you’ll learn the madness behind my method…or something. Lisa’s questions were great.

In the interview with Lisa Hendey, I reference a few talks I’ve given. You can read my presentation in Rome or listen to it here at about the 31 minute mark.

I did do a brief interview in Myrtle Beach, which you can read here.

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  • Margaret Rose Realy

    Lovely interview and good points about speaking. Lisa is amazing and so gracious…I love writing for her on Catholic Mom.

  • Lisa Hendey

    Elizabeth – thanks not only for your time and advice in the interview but also for your mention of Sarah’s new book. I’m hoping that the resources we’re creating for families will continue to lift parents in their vocations. Isn’t it wonderful to be part of such amazing work? I feel continually blessed!