Lisa Hendey Comes to Patheos!

During this Year of Faith, our Catholic Channel at Patheos continues to be blessed with an influx of talented, creative and interesting writers. About ten days ago we welcomed Sam Rocha and Margaret Rose Realy — two writers who could not be more disparate in their approaches to faith and yet worship in commonality — and today we are thrilled to add the astonishingly busy founder, editor, writer, speaker, and Catholic publishing entrepreneur Lisa Hendey to the mix with her new blog, which she calls “A Good Measure”.

Although she is not by any means leaving behind her work at, Lisa explains why she has chosen to get yet another plate spinning on her dais:

My days as a hands-on Mom are numbered. As I know from my own mother’s amazing devotion to her five children, you are never “finished” being a mom. She carries a freshly charged Android to field phone calls and texts at all hours from her brood.

But things change, and people do too.

So while I still love a good conversation about “how on earth to get your two year old to sit through Mass“, I’m ready to take on a few new topics too.

Having had the pleasure of sitting in Lisa’s audience watching her present, and also of gleaning some of her wisdom over adult beverages, I know that I want to hear what she has to say about all kinds of things — the life of faith, the social network, the acts of trust, small and huge that help her continue to say “yes” even when it’s a little scary to do it. We can all use that sort of straight, sane talk in our lives. What she shares of her perspective in her debut post tells me to expect an abundance of helpful spiritual support and insight from Lisa Hendey. And I am so glad she’s here with us, at Patheos!

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  • lisahendey

    Thanks for helping to spread the word. I’m so happy to be a part of the team here and to stretch my wings a bit. Joining your team and new bloggers like Sam and Margaret (and yes, I’m a big fan of hers) is an honor.

  • mary phillips

    Thank you, Tracey, for making your point about salvation coming through Jesus’ death and resurrection. It was only because of your point that we got to Bob’s link to Zenit and Dostoyevsky’s full quote which enhanced our understanding.
    Very often someone’s seeming misunderstanding, if listened to with charity’s patience (often one of my failings ) can really be helpful.
    I’m happy to have happened on this discussion of art and beauty.