Debate Prep: 40 Minutes with Dr. Os Guinness – UPDATED

Here is sound debate prep for this evening — things to keep in mind from Dr. Guinness’ speech: “A Free People’s Suicide”

“If you have a corruption of the traditions and the moral standards of the people, the best constitution in the world will eventually be subverted; it will still have the same name, but it will be a different reality.”

“If a generation arises that doesn’t understand liberty as. . .’the habit of the heart’, then freedom is in danger of dying.”

“Faith of any sort requires freedom. . . separation of powers is not unique but the First Amendment is, and the disestablishment of religion in an official way, and the making of each faith voluntary — that was radical and broke with 1500 years of European tradition and lies at the very heart of the secret of the United States.”

Take the time to watch it!

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