Benghazi Emails: Media Silence and “Theology is Stupid”

A few days ago I wrote of Benghazi story:

Please tell me that when our drones saw our consulate under sustained attack for seven hours, when we watched while our people were being murdered, that their rescue wasn’t inhibited because some Scheisskopf was too distracted by a contest to make a gutsy call. Please tell me that when Stevens and his team were looking for help, they were not being pushed aside by some Scheisskopf saying, “I can’t pay attention right now; don’t you know there is a parade going on?”

And then, trying to be fair, I wrote:

Was the president lied to?. If so, why? Was someone trying to control his response? If so, shouldn’t some resignations be on his desk?

The answer to that question is yes; there should be a pile of resignations on his desk, and perhaps his own resignation should be at the very top.

There should be resignations because of all the lying, and the cover-ups, not because of the incompetence. People are sometimes caught short; they panic and respond poorly. That’s human. It may not be “optimal” in a president, or a Secretary of State, but freezing is a thing that happens.

The lying though, the bare-faced lying to the American people by all parties involved–Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and yes, the president himself, who even lied to the United Nations two weeks later–needs to be accounted for.

– Who in the administration decided that they would blame a planned attack on a video no one had seen or heard of? Was it Hillary? She was making a lot of noise about the “disgusting and reprehensible” video. Was it Obama?

– Was someone in his inner circle–perhaps Axelrod or Jarrett–responsible for that convoluted lie and the subsequent arrest of the extremely untalented filmmaker (who, by the way is still in jail and whose situation won’t be addressed until three days after the election).

– Who decided that it was better to lie to the nation, and the world, that on the anniversary of a momentous terror attack, it was a little-seen video that caused death and mayhem, rather than the ongoing aggression of known terrorists?

– Who thought reality was a little too costly during an election season and a false narrative that also served to make free speech seem like something the world could no longer afford–a heinous idea that some members of the press were already–eagerly and reliably–beginning to promote?

Who made that “gutsy call”?

Two hours into the Benghazi attack that claimed the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens and others the White House knew what was going on.

Even worse, they had troops an hour away, but they did not use them to mount a rescue of our personnel.

Last night, on twitter, I saw members of the press–not bloggers, not new media folk in pajamas but members of the mainstream press, writers from the NY Times and elsewhere, completely ignore breaking news of these emails and the utter collapse of the president’s preferred narrative; they chose to pretend that this story did not exist.

They decided, instead, to expend their energies in an attempt o make ideological hay out of a politician’s clumsy, ill-advised attempt to introduce theological ideas into the public arena. They were going for strident bumper-sticker speech, which is much less threatening, and challenging, than contemplating the age-old question (Book of Job, anyone? Crucifix, anyone?) of whether God sometimes allows evil to happen so that something great may later come of it.

It’s actually a very broad-minded question, and an invitation to talk and think about things larger than ourselves and our prideful ideas. Which is why it must be derided as a stupid, ignorant and previously-unheard-of piece of woman-hating misogyny. The narrowness of ideology and political correctness will not allow deviation from the bumperstickers. Even a couple of my more-progressive friends are emailing appalled notes that so many in the press are so willing to immediately spin or squelch what does not fit the narrative. It’s Pravda-creepy.

Not all of the press were pretending this was a real threat to the nation, of course. Some of them were more interested in the sleaze-manufacturing of Gloria Allred (and, peripherally, Donald Trump).

And so media silence on the Benghazi story and these emails appears to be the order of the day:

Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki dismissed the significance of official government e-mails indicating that an extremist group took credit for the Benghazi attacks just two hours after they took place, charging that the messages were merely “an assertion made on an assertion made on a social media site.”

I guess if I were a WH reporter, I’d ask, “wait, wasn’t blaming the video for Christ Stevens’ death “an assertion made on an assertion…made somewhere in the administration?

The real threat to the nation? Our mainstream press. The media know these emails destroy the narrative and raise important questions. They don’t want them answered, at least not before the election. Likely not after, either. Just keep tap-dancing. Run out the clock.

Just get Obama re-elected and then there’s nothing to account for, nobody to account to, right?

And to that end, the egregious Harvey Weinstein is recutting his “we killed bin Laden” film to make Obama more prominent before he releases his propaganda a few days before the “monitored” election.

He is, of course, a filmmaker; in America he is free to say anything he wants in his film, without fear of reprisal or arrest. For now. Some speech, some propaganda, is freer than others.

And by the way, the kill-lists…will continue


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  • Mandy P.

    I wish I could say I’m surprised at how baldly the admin has lied aout Benghazi, but they’ve been so blatantly dishonest about so many other things that sadly I’m not surprised at all. What *does* shock me, though, is seeing these emails from the first few hours of the attack that were sent to the White House and then remembering that a few days later the President and Sec. Of State stood in from of those poor men’s caskets and blamed the video. They didn’t just lie.mthey lied before the dead and did it while staring right into the faces of the grieving famly members who were present.

    I found that little “memorial” appalling at the time because they normally do not allow any cameras or filming at the place where our dead are returned to us. It struck me as more a photo op for damage control then. But goodness! To stand up there and tell us one backside covering story while all the while *knowing* it was a terrorist attack from Al Qaeda….there really just are no words to describe how heinous that is. And the press should be mocked and scorned for being very willing accomplices to this mess. Lord, have mercy on us.

  • FW Ken

    The major media outlets have a president to re-elect. We can’t expect them to pray attention to the little things.

    Seriously, one of my hopes – a fool’s hope – its that a Romney victory will reveal how the emperor-media is naked. perhaps they will begin to be seen as the partisan hacks they are, and ultimately relegated to oblivion.

  • Fiestamom

    It wasn’t just last night the media ignored this. I think I watched most of MorningJoe this morning, and Nada. Same with Headline News. The story literally blipped on the screen, and then it was on to a much longer piece on the new Disney princess, supposedly she’s offending Latinos. Has Brian Williams ever had this story on his show? I’m beyond disgusted with the press. I am grateful that you keep writing these.

  • Stefanie

    Pray, pray, and keep praying.
    Otherwise, I may do something I regret in word or deed… Gosh, but it is getting harderand harder to be civil. And I dread an upcoming Halloween party this weekend with my beloved atheist/agnostic and vocally-liberal dear friends… I will be listening and praying for I know there is nothing about Libya — or any foreign country — that they much care about. The social media world so caters to the individual opinion that civil and thoughtful discussion is rare indeed. Instead of unity, one is rewarded by dis-unity and rancor. The ‘smartest’ remarks are rewarded by ‘re-posting’ throughout the world-wide community.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Actually, if we’re looking for the person behind a lot of these decisions, we might want to turn our attention to Hillary’s Moslem-brotherhood-connected assistant, Huma Abedin.

    Ultimately, of course, Obama is the one responsible.

    And, yes, they should all resign, up to, and including, Obama.

    (By the way—lying because they were caught off guard, and/or because they were afraid of losing the election, is actually the best case scenario, the worst case being that this administration actually wanted the embassy attacked, wanted Ambassador Stevens eliminated and had already decided to make the “Innocence of Moslems” video the scapegoat as part of a larger plan to undermine the First Amendment; this scenario is too creepy to contemplate! Whatever the reason, they should all resign.)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, just remember—if they’re acting this way, now, when they’re trying to get re-elected, what will they be like if, God forbid, Obama wins a second term? What’s going to hold them back then? Certainly not the media!

    P.S. Where is Huma Abedin?

    P.P.S. Free the guy who made “Innocence of Moslems!”

  • Todd Flowerday

    “perhaps his own resignation should be at the very top”


    He’s not going to resign over this.

    Benghazi was a planned terrorist attack and everyone with sense knew it from day one.

    Over the years, we’ve gotten used to misinformation coming from the federal government to obscure what terrorists know and, naturally, what the American public knows about goings on. It happened with the still-unsolved anthrax attacks after 9/11. It happened with Hiroshima. And it happened a lot of times in between.

    I’m sure the president is very grateful for the serious groupthink on the Right that’s helping him obscure the issue a little bit for terrorists worldwide.

    Here’s hoping for 2017, peeps.

  • Manny

    You’ve been great on this Anchoress. I think I said this for one of your earlier blogs on this subject, but it applies here too. This should be published in the Wall Street Journal or some other such publication.

    If the aministration should happen to win, they will be starting off with a major scandle. It’s only been minimized right now because of the election. Add that to the long list of reasons why this administration should lose.

  • GeneDoc

    Don’t forget that the white house and the MSM were too busy at the time trying to make points against Romney for his tweet denouncing the apologies from the Egyptian embassy. That was the story they wanted to remain above the fold, not one about a terrorist attack on 9/11!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Oh, Obama won’t step down, although he should, Todd.

    He won’t because his supporters—people like you—are too emotionally invested to him to admit there is any fault, or flaw in him, and will support him, no matter what.

    I’m sure the president is very grateful for the leftist groupthink that helps him obscure all the issues (especially his support of the Moslem Brothrhood, and terrorism), and which, he hopes, will win him another term, wherein he can, with the help of folk such as you, give him the chance to do whatever he wants to the country, with no repercushions whatsoever.

    I wouldn’t count on his gratitude, however. I don’t think you’ll enjoy an Obama second term any more than the rest of us. But you, at least, will have gotten what you asked for. (Be careful what you wish for, as the old saying goes.)

    P.S. Where is Huma Abedin?

    P.P.S. Free the maker of “Innocence of Moslems”!

  • Gail Finke

    I heard part of Glenn Beck’s radio program this morning and he had a guest on — I missed who it was, and I just looked on his web site but they don’t have a list of guests and the audio gets posted later in the day — who said he had two sources who said that Hillary Clinton knew the whole time and both had asked for more security before the event and asked to do something during it, but was refused. He said that she thought about resigning but didn’t. If this is true (and I would need some real evidence before I believing) it, the story just gets worse and worse. And if it’s true I have less than no respect for Hillary Clinton, who should have resigned and damn the party. If you put your party before the nation, you deserve no respect at all.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    By the way, Todd, are you saying that because other administrations lied about things in the past, it’s okay for Obama to lie now? Gee, that’s certainly a change for the Left, which always claimed to support honestly, and government transparency (Especially if for Presidents with an “R” after their names.) After all, Nixon was forced to resign, because of Watergate—and no one got killed in Watergate, and it didn’t involve an act of war.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Gail, excellent post!

    There really is no way to put a good spin on this. I’m afraid the story is going to get worse, as more and more of it comes out, in the days to come.

    Just remember, these are the same folks who did Fast and Furious.

  • dry valleys

    I suppose the Muslim Brotherhood commanded Huma Abedin to marry a fellow Islamist, did they?

  • M. Report

    A magician’s tricks rely on distraction; focus all attention on the lies
    about the attack in Bengazi, and hope everyone overlooks the arms
    and fighters being shipped from Libya through Turkey to Syria.

  • Todd Flowerday

    RS, good to see we’re getting a two-for-one deal today.

    I’m sure you know from our horn lockings in the past that I’m not a Democrat, nor do I think much of Mr Obama, and nor has he earned my vote. But keep on thinking that way about all non-Republicans. I’m sure it will continue working well for you.

    And as far as your last question, no, it’s not okay to lie. I’m pointing out the Right’s hypocrisy on it more than making a statement about how it’s okay for some presidents to lie and deceive.

    Your man seems to be falling behind in most swing states. And he pretty much needs most all of them to win, doesn’t he? How did that barb go? … We tolerated eight years of Mr Bush. You can handle eight years of Mr Obama.

    I think the Dems try consistently hard to shoot themselves in the foot. I don’t think the White House is going to come unglued because a bunch of conspiracy theorists are getting hot on the internet.

  • milmarm

    Not ONLY should the liars be exposed, they should also be held accountable for the utter chaos that ensued around the world due to their lies. After all, THEY were the ones who brought the unknown video to the attention of the world. Their culpability on this account must not go unnoticed and unmentioned. They need to be held accountable for this, too.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Oh, piffle, Todd!

    If Obama were a Republican, you’d be demanding he resign immediately.

    Face it—your man got four Americans, including an ambassador, killed. And lied about it, afterwards. This goes beyond winning or losing, “R’s” and “D’s”.

    Even if Obama wins the election—God forbid!—He’ll still be the guy who got four Americans killed. And the guy behind Fast and Furious. And, with the help of you and yours, he can be the guy who ended America.

    You’ll be happy about that. For a little while.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Valleys, I think it’s very likely that Huma’s family—who’re closely associated with the Moslem Brotherhood, Google it—placed her in a position where she could influence Hillary Clinton, and infuence the government.

    I don’t know that her husband, Anthony Wiener, is an “Islamist”; he’s certainly the guy who tweeted pictures of his, ah. . . family jewels to various co-eds. As he isn’t Moslem (I believe he’s Jewish), his marriage to Huma, such as it is, isn’t valid according to Shari’a law, since a Moslem woman like Huma can’t legally marry a non-Moslem man. She seems to spend most of her time working with Hillary, in the State Department.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Todd, are you really saying that it’s okay for Democrats to lie now, because some Republicans lied in the past?

  • FW Ken

    The story on NBC is Romney responding to the senate candidate’s rape comment.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    That’s going to be their next move—try to make this all about the rape comment.

    Maybe they can work Big Bird in somehow, too.

  • Ruth H

    Somewhere out there is a conspiracy theory I am becoming inclined to believe. Get the ambassador kidnapped, swap him for the blind sheik, presto! October surprise. A plan gone horribly wrong? After the Fast and Furious fiasco with these people I am beginning to believe anything.
    BTW, Anchoress, I have not heard the word Scheisskopf in a very long time, my husband’s central Texas German grandmother used it, and never expected to see it here, but it is a perfect description.

  • Cynthia

    Gail, Glenn Beck’s guest this morning was Ed Klein.

  • Gail Finke

    Cynthia: I just found that out. Yes, Ed Klein… so make of that what you will. I’m inclined to think it might be true, but I want more evidence. SOMETHING is going on, I don’t know what. But as I said, if the Ambassador et al were doing some kind of secret mission, the administration sure fouled it up wit a story so dumb it was obviously false from the first. Former CIA chief Gary Berntsen had some choice words to say about it on Fox (link below), and his assessment is that the administration lives in la la land and thinks that anything they say is true. I have that impression many times with the Obama administration. It we had real journalists working on this, we might have an idea of what is going on by now. The attack was SIX WEEKS AGO.

  • Gail Finke

    Oops, that is not Gary Berntsen it’s John Bolton.

  • Joe Odegaard

    The days roll on, more than a month now, and the only reply that the attackers can understand, that of force, has not been given. I weep for my country.

  • Joseph

    This is huge! As we keep saying, if it were a Republican…! But it’s true. It would be the main headline, in capital letters, in all major newspapers, and would be the dominant story on TV and radio, spelling doom for the incumbent, much like Lawrence Walsh’s bombshell four days before election day 1992. But not for The One! He gets a pass, and perhaps a free ride to four more years. Shame on the lapdog media!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Ruth H., when people act like they’ve got something to hide—yes, all sorts of conspiracy theories start cropping up! (I’ve heard the October surprise one, and think it’s likely; as you say—after Fast and Furious, these people are capable of anything!)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    My own conspiracy theory is that, whatever happened in Benghazi, they wanted to push the agenda of limiting freedom of speech; it upsets Moslems, donchaknow, and then they riot! Therefore, we must all be careful, and the government must keep an eye on what we say, etc., etc., etc. Hence their trying to shift all the blame for the attack on the “Innocence of Moslems” video, and hustling the guy who made it into custody. Even when the real story started coming out, they clung to that explanation.

  • dry valleys

    Yes, Anthony Wiener is Jewish, and proud of his identity, and is in fact one of the staunchest friends Israel can hope to have. By the comment above, I was dismissing the claim (which began life as a Michele Bachmann talking point, and has been slapped down by leading Republicans including McCain and Boehner) about her views. If her marriage is invalid according to Sharia law, perhaps she just doesn’t give a turd about Sharia law, which is good. And it is not acceptable to assume people have the same opinions as their families, or should disown them even if their views are strongly objectionable.

    I was planning to stay out of this argument (I’ve been trying to avoid them lately, you see) but I felt that particular claim needed to be answered.

    And then, there’s the fact that I honestly think the election of Romney/Ryan and giving them command of finances, in particular, would lead to an economic situation that makes what now exists look like fabulous wealth. I’m in Britain and I can see what disastrous consequences “austerity” has here and elsewhere in Europe, because the alleged private-sector growth that’s supposed to follow the shrinking of the state simply doesn’t happen.

    There are those who advocate third parties, because Obama has been a sore disappointment on issues like civil liberties, the “war” on drugs, and foreign policy, in which he often gives a good impression that he’s serving Bush’s third term. That’s why his base (most of my American friends are in this group) don’t actually like him that much, even if they’re going to vote for him. And that’s why it would be nice for the Gary Johnsons and Jill Steins of this world to get a strong showing, even if I wouldn’t want them to win. But as far as I’m concerned, the most important thing for America and elsewhere- because it’s obvious by now that what happens in America doesn’t stay in America- is that Romney loses.

    As for the specific case of this filmmaker, and for that matter the makers of those Motoons a while back, I am in perfect agreement with most commentors here- just for once- that they should be free to speak their minds and protected from any threats/violence that comes their way as a result. The Salman Rushdie affair is in a similar vein.

  • TerryC

    I think that they are trying to misdirect people about why Stevens was in Benghazi. Why would the U.S.Ambassador be there. There’s no real consulate there. That would require that a consul be appointed to the station. Actually the so-called “safe-house” and nearby consul was a location the CIA used to funnel arms to dissidents during the effort to depose Gadaffi. How did the militants know Stevens was there? Was Stevens there to facilitate another arms transfer? Was he there to meet with people he knew because he had facilitated the original arms transfers. Is the Administration covering this up because they gave arms to an al-Qaeda affiliate, who turned on them?
    Perhaps there was nothing going on and the Administration is merely incompetent. Either way do we really want them in power another four years?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yes, Valleys, Romney/Ryan should lose, because Obama’s done such a bang-up job so far—both with the economy, and in protecting Americans abroad, and supporting the First Amendment. /Sarc.

    And the Moslem Brotherhood would never, ever think of putting a pretty, personable young woman into a position of power, to influence events—such as getting America to support the disastrous Arab Spring! (The results of which, we can see in Libya.) Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no! /Sarc. again!

    (If Huma Wiener came from, say, a family that supported white power, and who’se ancestors had been in the KKK, I doubt you’d be so blase about her background. As for McCain—sorry, Valleys, he’s an idiot. As for austerity, we already have quite a lot of it, what with people being out of work, and businesses closing down.)

    It just goes to show—Obama’s supporters, both here and abroad, will excuse him, no matter what, and support him, no matter what he does, or how poor his performance.

    They’re thinking ideologically, not rationally.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Valleys, Fast and Furious, all by itself, in which countless Mexicans were killed by guns this administration allowed to be run to drug cartels, is reason enough not to give Obama a second term.

  • dry valleys

    Yes, people are influenced by their background, but they also break from the traditions they were brought up in. This War of Independence and Civil War split families, but they were still families, and there’s no reason for that to not be the case these days, as in fact it often is in riven countries. The people behind the smearing of Huma Abedin are also attacking Grover Norquist for being married to a Palestinian (one of THEM!), even though most Republicans in Congress have signed his anti-tax pledge! That’s when it really starts to get confused.

    Every criticism that I can think of to air, from my perspective, of Obama (especially economic matters), is an issue on which Romney would be even worse. Thus, it’s either “supporting” him, or a third party candidate. I had quite an interesting time reading a libertarian blog yesterday, where nearly all of them endorsed this Gary Johnson (on whose watch it’s 100% certain that Fast and Furious would never have occured, because he doesn’t support the “war” on drugs at all), and that’s something for the Todds of this world to consider if they’re in a position where they don’t want anyone else.

  • dry valleys

    If Romney was elected, of course, there would be furious denunciations if the situation didn’t improve on his watch. Within a few months he’d be called a RINO and accused of continuing Obama’s “socialism”.

  • Roz Smith

    Sometimes when I watch left leaning politicians interact with the media I think I am seeing Dangerous Liaisons reset in our current era. Not only are deceitful, over-privileged nihilists playing some very dangerous games inside their little media created bubble but they seem utterly clueless about the seething resentment building all around them.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Valleys, I’m quite alright with Romney being furiously denounced, if the situation doesn’t improve after he’s elected, and, yeah, I’d be quite happy calling him a RINO under those circumstances.

    Unlike the Left, most conservatives don’t regard politicians, even the ones they support, as messianic savior figures, “The One”, the Supreme Leader, He/She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed, Champion of the Working Class. If they mess up, we’re happy to get rid of them—something the Left is unwilling to do; witness their on-going support of Obama, which is ideological, not rational.

    Back in 2008, we were told by Europe that we must support Obama, because he was so suave, so cosmopolitan, and would be so much better for us, than “Cowboy” Bush.

    You can see how that turned out.

    So, no offense, but we’re not really interested in Europe’s “Perspective” anymore We’ve seen how that worked out. (Putin and Castro, by the way, both support Obama; ringing endorsements, indeed!/Sarc.) In your own, individual case, you seem to continually project your own dislike of Margaret Thatcher onto American politics, and American politicians, and become frustrated with American voters when they don’t vote the like British Labor, or the readers of Gary Johnson’s libertarian blog.

    Again, no offense, but Europe has its own problems, and should be focusing its attention on those—not trying to convince Americans that four more years of Obama would be great.

    (Ah, yes—poor Huma, poor Grover, smeared by all those mean ol’ meanies! There’s nothing to see here! Please ignore that Islamist behind the curtain! Now just forget about them, and pay attention to something more important—the Republicans are attacking Big Bird! /Sarc. again.)