Les Mis: Can Russell Crowe sing Javert?

Les Mis is coming and Katrina is getting excited about it. She writes of powerful memories associated with it, and also posts a video “first look” at the cinema production.

All the posters certainly look great.

I hadn’t been aware that, in a departure for filmed musicals, the actors sang their parts live, rather than lip-synching to pre-recordings. Interesting to watch, and Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway are trained in musical theater — they can clearly sing these parts.

But Russell Crowe has been cast as Javert. He’s certainly a good actor, and I’ve heard him sing with his band — his voice is okay; boozy-ruddy-rascalish, but for Javert?

Perhaps we’ll be pleasantly surprised but I have doubts that he’s up for this:

YouTube Preview Image

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  • http://obissister.com Obi’s Sister

    IMDB has a featurette on the live singing – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1707386/ – definitely worth watching. Crowe speaks on it, but doesn’t sing. So we’ll just have to wait.

    And Colm is in the movie, as the Bishop. What a fitting tribute to an amazing man.

  • Fr. Bryan

    I’m much more worried about Amanda Seyfried as Cosette.

  • Mary Dudasik

    Seyfried’s voice is thin & fragile……no breath control. Not smart casting at all. But Eddie Redmayne will be incredible. Here he is as a soloist in the Eton College Choir:


  • amanda

    I don’t have any problems with Crowe being cast as Javert- but let’s not expect ANY of the dream cast of Le Mis. Mr. Crowe actually has great control of his voice , and it is a quite delectable baritone. I am so excited that Obi’s sister revealed Colm is the Bishop, goosebumps! (and if Russell Crowe’s past is any predictor, then you expect he went and extracted as much good advice from Colm as he could to give a perfect performance)

  • http://www.thecatholicbeat@gmail.com Gail Finke

    I hope I hope I hope.

    The Great Gatsby is coming out about the same time.

    Need to start saving ticket money…

  • Emmy

    I’m excited about this movie. I don’t expect the singing to be at par with the performance of the Dream Cast, but I am looking forward to watching this with my Mom. :)

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    Amanda was trained as an opera singer so no worries there! I have heard her sing before and she is quite good.

  • jac

    The poster makes russell crowe him look like US civil war general Phil Sheridan

  • Peggy Coffey

    I am not much of a theatre patron but I loved Phantom and Rent is my favorite production. My children have all see Les Mis and have told me they will drag me to see it if they have to. Since I have never seen it, I am looking forward to it.

  • http://www.annjoiner.com Ann

    Mr. Crowe spent a full year in vocal training before filming began, and continued throughout His voice was in prime shape while the filming was going on. If you are still concerned, check out a few of the YouTube videos of songs from his latest concert on October 13 – the NYC Indoor Garden Party. You might especially want to listen to his renition of Old Man River.

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  • Petrie

    If he kills Stars, I will kill him ;)

    I have sung Javert before, it is SUCH a hard role to sing, so if he makes it through I will still be more or less happy