Heaven-Stormers Unafraid of Storm Sandy!

As a side note, I love that for monastics, the take on big storms is so very different. A few years ago, the Passionist nuns were blacked out for weeks thanks to an ice storm yet they maintained good humor. Last year the Dominincan Nuns in Summit New Jersey were left without heat and shivering together. This year, having just discovered that another big storm is headed their way, they display typical aplomb:

“. . .by unanimous consensus we decided that if the power does go out we’re eating the ice cream immediately!”

Great advice. I may go out and buy ice cream just for such an eventuality!

[…] If the storm should hit not too much will change! Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is at the center of our life and house and so our life of praise will continue, perhaps with a few more candles and sweaters!”

A life with a central focussimplified and stripped of extraneous things to be concerned about — sounds like it has much to recommend it, right now, doesn’t it?

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