Come, Pray the Luminous Mysteries with Me!

Aside from being aggravated by some minor, but continual, issues with my computer today, I’m feeling pretty peaceful about the election, in general. I have no idea who will win, although I suspect Romney is in a stronger position than poll purchasers wanted to see, but I could be wrong.

Either way I am at peace. Perhaps it’s because of my conversation with this man — which in part inspired this column — but I prayed the Office of Readings today and look forward to praying Vespers in about an hour, and I’m feeling pretty laid back.

Then I slip into twitter or Facebook for a minute to look around and what I see — either visually or in my mind’s eye — is this:

So, I’m thinking, if you’re so inclined, how about we pray the Rosary together? I know it’s Tuesday, and that on Tuesday we would normally pray the Sorrowful Mysteries — and that’s good stuff; there are a lot of lessons to learn within those mysteries, not least the fact that God uses situations that to our understanding are unjust and miserable, to bring about eventual good beyond our imagining.

But I was thinking that today is a day where we really ask for wisdom, for light. The Luminous Mysteries were instituted by Pope John Paul II, who also named Our Lady as Patroness of the Americas and Patroness of the Unborn…seems to me the Luminous Mysteries are worth praying today.

You can pray along with my podcast, here.

Or, if you prefer the Sorrowful Mysteries, you can find that podcast here. In fact, just scroll down the sidebar, and you’ll find a variety of prayerful podcasts I made, back when I had the extra time to do them! You can even find/pray my favorite litany.

C’mon, say a prayer with me. Or pray Vespers, here, by just clicking “Evening Prayer”.

You’ll feel better.

Live-streamed Adoration here

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