Come, Pray the Luminous Mysteries with Me!

Aside from being aggravated by some minor, but continual, issues with my computer today, I’m feeling pretty peaceful about the election, in general. I have no idea who will win, although I suspect Romney is in a stronger position than poll purchasers wanted to see, but I could be wrong.

Either way I am at peace. Perhaps it’s because of my conversation with this man — which in part inspired this column — but I prayed the Office of Readings today and look forward to praying Vespers in about an hour, and I’m feeling pretty laid back.

Then I slip into twitter or Facebook for a minute to look around and what I see — either visually or in my mind’s eye — is this:

So, I’m thinking, if you’re so inclined, how about we pray the Rosary together? I know it’s Tuesday, and that on Tuesday we would normally pray the Sorrowful Mysteries — and that’s good stuff; there are a lot of lessons to learn within those mysteries, not least the fact that God uses situations that to our understanding are unjust and miserable, to bring about eventual good beyond our imagining.

But I was thinking that today is a day where we really ask for wisdom, for light. The Luminous Mysteries were instituted by Pope John Paul II, who also named Our Lady as Patroness of the Americas and Patroness of the Unborn…seems to me the Luminous Mysteries are worth praying today.

You can pray along with my podcast, here.

Or, if you prefer the Sorrowful Mysteries, you can find that podcast here. In fact, just scroll down the sidebar, and you’ll find a variety of prayerful podcasts I made, back when I had the extra time to do them! You can even find/pray my favorite litany.

C’mon, say a prayer with me. Or pray Vespers, here, by just clicking “Evening Prayer”.

You’ll feel better.

Live-streamed Adoration here

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  • Lacey

    I DO feel better! Thank you for that. What a perfect way to regain some calm while waiting for this evening’s results (oh, and also for chasing after my two very small children!).

  • Amber

    Wow, just prayed Vespers and every word was so anointed! (if you don’t have time, just read the reading: Romans 12:9-12…what a word for today!)
    The peace that passes all understanding…am offering my rosary for you all- an Aussie living in Canada but first and foremost a sister in Christ.

  • Victor

    Dear Anchoress,

    Whatever happens in your American election, me, myself, i and all of my spirituall reality cells agree that life will go on and on until we get to the beginning of the end and I’ve got confidence in all of GOD (Good Old Dad) and His Angel of all His Loving children that He will continue to help His creation the way He sees “IT”.


    i like most of you would like to know what the truth is! Can any “ONE” of GOD’s Children Cells tell me what “The Truth” really is?

    Victor! Victor! Victor! Relax and don’t worry cause remember GOD’s Thoughts are not yours and any of your so called 100 % cells.

    What will be, will be folks, the future is not our to see.


  • marya

    I feel better too. I don’t say the Luminous Mysteries very often, but they are thought-provoking and put me in a nicely ruminative mood. Quite different than the mood that I could access just by turning to any news channel, blog or website tonight, but I think I will be able to wait until tomorrow. The election results will be the same.

  • Ellen

    Thank you for allowing me to pray the luminous mysteries with you.
    God is in His heaven and all will be right.

  • kmk

    OK, I will go upstairs and pray, but here in the state of Maryland I am depressed! It is in His Hands but I did think that perhaps the Gay so-called marriage would not pass. Stupid, optimistic me!

  • Ellen

    Let nothing disturb you,
    Let nothing frighten you,
    All things pass away:
    God never changes.
    Patience obtains all things.
    He who has God
    Finds he lacks nothing;
    God alone suffices.

    I will have to pray this every day. I am seriously depressed right now.

  • Manny

    Prayers are certainly needed. If there is anything that can be discerned out of this election, and that is religious values and issues are losers. Obama won on the Sandra Fluke mandate, that is paying for contraceptives and promoting abortion. The two vocal Senate candidates that actually stepped into religious territory (albeit poorly), Adkins and Mourdock were soundly defeated, and gay marriage actually won for the first time in two state referendums. A very bad day for Christian values. The only bright spot might actually be if the Catholic vote went against Obama, and therefore not ratify the HSS mandate. I have not seen the final Catholic vote totals. If the majority of Catholics actually supported Obama, then it was a catastrophic election for Chirstians and Catholics.

  • Manny

    Check that. I just saw Deacon Greg’s blog that Catholics broke for Obama. This was a disasterous election.

  • Jayne

    From this morning’s Divine Office:

    The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
    blessed be the name of the Lord!
    We accept good things from God;
    and should we not accept evil?

    From the book of Job; how appropriate.

  • Iris Celeste

    Now is the time for prayer. God is the only solution to what ails this country. We must turn to Him and pray for all of those who allow sin to rule over them. It doesn’t matter who won, the character of the nation has changed and we must pray for all those souls who are lost and are seaking man made solutions.

    Iris Celeste

  • kmk

    Thanks everyone for the comments, and you are right, Iris.

  • Adam

    I gave myself a hefty dose of humility last night by rereading what, to me, is one of the more memorable parts of William Walsh’s “Our Lady of Fatima,” when the author got to interview Lucia herself:

    “Did Our Lady ever say anything to you about the United States of America?”
    She gave me a rather startled glance, and then smiled in faint amusement, as if to suggest that perhaps the United States was not so important in the general scheme of things as I imagined.
    “No,” she said gently. “She never did. But I wish you would have Masses said for me in the United States!”

    For all our self-importance and dramatic accomplishments in the last 200+ years, America’s role in God’s plan is inevitably a drop in the bucket against God’s long view of history. I’m taking a Bible studies course, and I’m amazed at reading books like Chronicles and Maccabees and seeing how powerful nations rise and fall like a sigh. Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Egypt, and Rome–all nations that covered a much greater geographic expanse that rivaled ours–all inevitably caved to their own hubris. The world moved on, and God’s plan continued, sometimes even playing on these events.

    This smarts, and I have no doubt that our Republic will continue to suffer in the years to come. Even as we acknowledge our pain, we would do well to remember that, like all things, it’s temporary. Pray for our elected officials.

  • Mary

    Thank you Elizabeth for your rosary podcasts. Prayed the luminous mysteries with you yesterday. Really appreciate having any opportunity to pray during the work day.

  • Linda

    Said the Rosary along with you last night and went to Mass this morning. Helped a bunch! Thank you and God Bless!