Separating Ego from Election – UPDATED

Our Year of Faith topics page, which is currently being sponsored by the Norbertine Nuns Capital Campaign, is featuring an usual piece for this election day, in that it is written by a Baptist, not a Catholic, a man who has been feeling fear and despair throughout this election season.

November 4, the first Sunday of the month, was Communion Sunday, with Deacons assisting. Not me, yet. I’m a deacon-in-training, a process that takes a year. In any case, I’m supposed to be focused on the service, on learning my duties as a deacon, on worshiping God.

Instead, I’m obsessing about the election. I keep pulling out my iPhone during the service, looking for any hint of hope that Romney might pull it out. (I actually found some, by the way. I think he’s got a fighting chance.) My stomach is in knots. I have to force myself to calm down, listen to the sermon, make it through the rest of the service. Once it’s over, I must go with a fellow deacon to the home of a shut-in member and deliver the Eucharist to him and his wife.

It occurs to me that I’m in no condition to minister to anybody. I’m tense, worried, on the knife edge of snapping at anybody who might try to distract me from my obsession.

What he learned about himself,
and the people around him recently is a message we might all need to internalize, now matter how the election turns out! Read the whole thing!

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Jonah Goldberg looks at why the presidential elections have become so frightening to so many

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