The Vets and First Responders of Team Rubicon Meet Sandy

Team Rubicon will win — they’re determined veterans, doctors and nurses and first responders and they still have that can-do American spirit. They’re doing good for a lot of different people — in a lot of different ways — as this Vet explains in this moving video.

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Happy Veteran’s Day, and thank you, all mil personnel, all vets, for your service.

Meanwhile, the victims of Sandy are feeling utterly abandoned
by government agencies unequal to the task of helping them and by utilities so corrupted and crony-ized that no one in charge seems to know what to do. Welcome to the new normal, America, 2012. As this writer vents:

The only organizations in this whole farce that showed up like they meant it have been churches. Not seeing much of that covered in the MSM are we?

We’ll see how long that is allowed to continue.

On Staten Island FEMA has managed to place a whopping two dozen people into housing. Let’s say it together: “Heckuva job…” Once upon a time, the press would be screaming about this. The Jersey Shore has rightly gotten a lot of attention but tens of thousands are suffering in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and some of them are pretty scared, too.

I know money is tight all over, but on this Veteran’s Day, if you can spare even $5 you can you can help Team Rubicon (or these Vet-connected operations) do what they do best. Maybe make a donation in honor of a vet you know!

Sandy Relief Campaigns

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  • Teresa

    Recommend giving to Catholic Charities or the Salvation Army as well. Frankly, the Red Cross is not really doing any better than the government agencies. Red Cross delivered “blankets” to Statan Island that were the size of a towel! After they were made aware of the storm the utility company on Long Island did not have enough utility poles which is a disgrace. FEMA had no water stored in their facilities. It is a mess. After giving, all should pray for those folks.

    [The link at the bottom of the post contains links to Catholic Charities and others. I agree the Red Cross seems a shambles -admin]

  • Mary

    I sent my money to Catholic Relief Services because Haiti got hit by Sandy, too.

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  • Victor

    Anchoress! I would like to know how you manage to keep your sanity while dealing with many of these types of stories that you write so much about?

    I hear ya! Go Figure! I guess that “The Holy Spirit” through “Prayer” must have stretched the insanity line for His Children?


  • Dan C

    In the NJ region, utilities have been present, in large numbers, and highly praised. I know people who have worked 16-20 hours per day since Oct 30. Perhaps your issues are local.

    [Yes, the Long Island Power Authority has been...a problem... -admin]