Bread and Circuses: Benghazi Becomes Sex Farce

Somewhat apropos of what I have written here about rejecting the pop culture which drives much of conventional wisdom and traps us into mob thinking, I find myself repulsed by the number of comments I see in social media that run along the lines of “can’t wait to see what SNL does with the Petraeus story” and of course, the nonstop sniggerings perpetual adolescents bring to any salacious story.

A long time ago, when anticipating the sort of coup that has just taken place, I wrote:

We have lost our bearings and our boundaries so profoundly that we are no longer guarded, interiorly, against scam-artists and tricksters. [...] And on the world stage there stride some masters of the sleight-of-hand and the misdirection – you can recognize them because they are all of a mind, and of a piece, and they are all working different parts of the same trick.

What we’re seeing with the Petraeus sexcapades is a classic magician’s misdirection. Two months past the attack on Benghazi, which resulted in the death of an American Ambassador and three others — an attack we are told the White House watched while ordering no response; an attack the mainstream media helpfully blacked-out, at first, then allowed to be spun — we are now being served The Prestige, where all of reality is being turned on its head, and the audience isn’t even sure what it’s seeing, so it simply becomes giddy, and content to be led.

If the nation is content to forget the image of Ambassador Chris Stevens’ naked body being hauled away by a crowd “taking him to the hospital where he later died”; if the nation is completely fine with a truly heinous story of government malfeasance, depraved indifference to human life, political calculation and incompetence being turned into bread and circuses for the mobs, well, then shame on the nation, for choosing to be entertained, once again, by the people who know that all the mob really wants is a show, and is quite pleased to give it to them.

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Are we not entertained?

It all sort of proves the point I was making here, and here.

In that coup piece, I also wrote: “. . .if you can recognize a trick for what it is, you can prevail against it.”

It seems to me, the citizenry need to work on observational skills.

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  • Debbie

    I still have my VN MIA braclet, I remember the POWS and MIAS everyday as they were my fathers, brothers, best friends and boyfriends, and I will never forget the four men who sacrificed their lives in Benghazi

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    The average American can be entertained by some pretty rank stuff—but this stuff isn’t being put out by the entertainment industry, but by the White House, in a laughably pathetic attempt to deflect attention from the Benghazi debacle, and keep Gen. Petraeus from testifying.

    Remember Benghazi!

    Free Bassouley Nakouley!

    Where is Huma Abedin?

  • Peggy m

    See the film “Argo” which describes the rescue of other US diplomats in another country a long time ago. The film shows what kind of people we used to be.

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  • Nicky Kasdorf

    Thank you for this.

  • Fiestamom

    I was just at a kids bday party last weekend. One of the women is the wife of a Green Beret just back from Afghanistan. She was relating some of his difficulties as he tries to come back and live a family life. This man and his family have been in my prayers, it’s a harrowing story, and they’re living it.

    Yet our “leaders” in government are happy to lie to the media, and the media is only too happy to play along. It’s all a game to them. Our ambassador is dead! That’s huge. Men are dying in Afghanistan, our President sits in the Oval Office and approves kill lists, then goes golfing. American families suffer at home while their loves ones are in harms way, and yet the two head honchos have time to carry on immoral affairs.

    It doesn’t matter if a small number of us stay informed. The majority of our country is happily misled from one squirrel to another, as long as there is free sex and birth control. Nope, I’m not amused.

  • Elizabeth K.

    Right before I read this, I was thinking to myself, “watch the other hand.” That the media suddenly has time to cover this is important–just as important is what is not getting covered right now, that will crop up quietly in the next few days and week. Watch the other hand, people, don;t be misdirected.

  • Manny

    And don’t forget the media that covered up the whole Benghazi fiasco in the first plsace. That’s exacty what I was thinking this afternoon, bread and circus. Generals, spies, federal governemt, legislatures, news media have all failed us. We have become a banana republic. I have never been so embarressed in my life for my country.

  • dawnmaria

    I didn’t pray that my candidate for President would win. I prayed only that the truth about all parties would be revealed. It looks like my prayers are being answered.

  • Teresa

    A number of us (unfortunately too small a number) will not be fooled. Sadly we have turned into a country willingly led by a President who let four brave Americans die just to protect his reelection campaign. Give the masses a healthy dose of salacious entertainment and they will forget. We have now come face to face with pure evil.

  • Mo

    FINALLY, someone else saying what I have been saying for weeks!

    It really is like living in a parallel reality.

  • Manny

    And to take the gladiator metaphor one step further, the victums from the entertainment are not some poor slave gladiators. But the thumbs up to live or the thumbs down to die is reserved for the innocent unborn children who are the by products of a sexualized culture hell bent on being entertained through the circus of sex.

    So has the culture hit rock bottom? I’m afraid not. It’s still got lower to go.

  • Gerry

    You must see story at

  • LisaB

    Look shiny objects!
    Obama and his ilk always knew Petraeus was having an affair, it’s their job to know. They wouldn’t have placed him as head of the CIA without having something to hold him on if needed. Petraeus must have some pretty damning evidence on Benghazi because they are doing a heckuva job of publicly discrediting the man prior to his testimony.

  • marya

    I would agree that the scandals could be a deliberate distraction, except that there hasn’t been much grounds for creating a distraction. The Benghazi story was almost buried until David Petraeus’ resignation, followed by the revelations about this affair, and that affair. Most of the mainstream news media has shown little interest in Benghazi, with the exception of ABC and Fox News, and some of the wire services, so there’s been limited media coverage from which to distract the public. Although some people have been intently interested in learning more about Benghazi, the general public hasn’t been paying attention, and couldn’t tell you anything about it, not until “The Real Housewives of CENTCOM” narrative (as some are calling it) exploded in the past few days. Ironically, with the congressional hearings about to resume, and the drama about whether Petraeus will be subpoenaed to testify, the scandals may draw more attention back to the events that truly matters.

  • Joe Odegaard

    Time to buck up and join the remnant.

  • LisaB

    @marya, yes, exactly. With the congressional hearings about to resume Obama needed to discredit Petraeus’ testimony. Of course the media buried the Benghazi story and isn’t “interested” in anything that would damage Obama. However, the Petraeus affair came out just days before he was to testify and the talking heads are questioning his integrity and ability to lead – they’re doing Obama’s work. Look over here…. shiny objects. We’ve seen over and over that smearing and attacking is Obama’s mode of operation to get or remain in power. He miraculously remains above the fray. Apparently he’s told nothing in those security briefings he never attends.

  • SteveM

    The real tragic farce is the seduction of America by the National Security State of which Saint David Petraeus is part and parcel:

  • Janet

    I call it “The Teening of America” – we’re ALL teenagers now.

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  • TerryC

    I just don’t see the Benghazi story dying. For one thing Dianne Feinstein is not letting it go.
    I’m old enough to remember Watergate. I was a page at the Chicago Suntimes during that period. Nixon did everything he could to delay, hide and obscure what happened, and he succeeded at it too, long enough to get re-elected. He lasted long enough for his Vice President to be pushed out by another scandal. Even long enough to appoint a successor and get him through the confirmation hearings. The thing that ended it was when Howard Baker, the senior Republican member of the committee investigating Watergate asked, “What did the President know and when did he know it?” When Nixon lost Baker’s support he was done. It was emblematic of the Republican party waking up and realizing that Nixon was not only an embarrassment to the Republican Party, but a danger to the nation.
    I believe its possible that its possible Feinstein might be Obama’s Baker. Not a great fan of her politics, but she’s been on the Senate Intelligence committee for years. She was chair of the rules committee and is a great defender of Senate and Congressional privilege, a term which really means giving the Congress the due of its powers under the constitution. I believe she takes America’s security seriously. Unlike the crew in the Executive she’s an adult, and she’s not playing.
    They may find a way to neuter her, but up till now she’s sending letters with McCain and the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee, and most importantly she’s talking to the press, most of who have been ignoring her (ABC and Fox exclude.)

  • Skay

    Two videos within this post(one in the comment section that point out what is happening to our elections.

    The foxes are in the henhouse.