Two must-see videos for you this morning

From time to time I have touted the programming at, the Brooklyn Diocese television operation which produces what is — to my knowledge — the only daily Catholic Daily News broadcast in the nation, with “Currents.”

They have a new project that you’re going to like and Jennifer Fulwiler gives you a sneak preview here.

It looks great — Jen and Joe and their family look terrific — and American Catholicism needs to be able to see a young family living out a Christ-centered, church-centered life. Let’s pray for their success, and kudos to NET for daring to train a lens on Texas, all the way from Brooklyn!

Lisa Hendey has a little fun with it all, here

When you’re done oohing and ahhing over Jen’s project, lower your speakers (or close your office door) and take a look at this.

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  • Peggy Coffey

    Oh thank you so much. I am in love iwth Jen and her family. I have bookmarked her site and will read as often as I can. It reminded me so much of when my kids were young and I do miss those days, even though at the time I wanted to be anywhere else. And the dog was hilarious. I have 2 big Weimaraners and they heard the video and immediately ran into the room and started looking around and under the desk for the strange dog. They are very protective of their “mom”.

  • Manny

    I have mixed emotions about reality shows. Actually that’s not accurate. I don’t hold them in high regard at all. Now a show about a faithfull Catholic family is probably a good thing. It could potentially spread the faith, and it contrasts well with the slutty Housewives of Wherever. But I have a visceral reaction to voyerism, and these reality shows are voyeristic in essence. I hope Jennifer’s show becomes a positive for the culture.