Marie Claire Magazine Meets Sister Maria Teresa, OP

Marie Claire Magazine is featuring an online profile of a young Dominican nun (one of them Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ), Sister Maria Teresa.

Given that it is a secular publication that seems truly perplexed by much of the religious life (they seem unable to wrap their minds about the distinction between “not being allowed” vs “voluntarily sacrificing”) and given the marveling that a full and joyful life may be lived without sex (which is just part-and-parcel on any article discussing religious life) I think this is actually a pretty nice piece. Check it out.

At the Nun’s blog, (where one can also visit the shoppe) they feature a really lovely picture of Sister Mary Jacinta and her sister, Sister Angelique Therese, a Missionary of Charity.

I love this community of sisters. They live the life old school, without the “glamor” or funding of other orders — just lots of silence and prayer (for all of us) and joy. And in pretty humble housing, too; all the beauty resides in the chapel, and in the life.

Sister Maria Teresa’s novice mistress, Sister Mary Catharine, OP wrote a terrific piece for us, a while back, on the history and meaning of their habit.

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  • Tom Carty

    Sister Maria Teresa reminds me of my younger sister, Mary, who became a Congregation of Notre Dame sister here in Canada at 18 and died of cancer at 54. They both have that glow about them that gives them a beauty I find inspiring. If love has a human face, that’s it.

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