An Orchestra Assembled from a Land Fill

The next time your kid complains because he or she doesn’t have the latest and best version of this or that, tell them you love them, and then sit them down to watch this:

My son’s g/f, watching, found in this an answer to the utilitarian types who think beauty and art are unnecessary and extraneous. These people are so poor, but they still want art, seek art, live for art. The transcendent connection to God. The beauty that saves us.

I want to see this movie.

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and the Use of Art

Art and the Anchor of Friendship

In Defense of Beautiful Churches

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  • Larry Sheldon

    I don’t know where I first saw this yesterday and it got me to thinking….

    I have mentioned from time to time the toys that we made for ourselves but since I was (and am) not very “musical” I never thought about the instruments I saw around the neighbor hood.

    I tried making a flute (recorder, actually, I guess) out of a neighbor’s bamboo, and whistles out of twigs from the Privet hedge.

    I remember seeing things in Boy’s Life about making guitars out of cigar boxes.

    There was a band at the Fiesta in the vacant lots behind the church down the street that included men blowing on glass jugs, and on a trombone mute. And drum sets that included brake drums and pots and pans. An I made a non-magic twanger out of corset stays (which were probably my most prentiful resource after abandoned pallets.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for posting this. My daughter is an orchestra director at an inner city charter school in Detroit and plans on showing this to her class this week. I’m not sure what they will say. Did you hear what the young girl (maybe 12 years old?) said as she carried her violin thru the garbage dump?” My life would be worthless without music! ” I’ve been to Paraguay and have been impressed by one thing I saw there: everyone works at something, very few beggars in the streets. It doesn’t surprise me to see them manufacturing stringed instruments from garbage.