“Minor Revisions” Reality TV goes Young and Catholic

Alright, I have to say it: I am not a fan of reality tv shows — all that splicing, all that talking to the camera while driving. Last night I stumbled into the den where the kids were watching some reality show about the Amish and my eyes glazed over almost instantly.

But when Jennifer Fulwiler told me that she and her family were doing a 3-part reality show for NETNY.Net (Brooklyn Diocese), I was intrigued. She wondered, “why would it be interesting to the Brooklyn Diocese?” But after meeting her really charming husband, Joe, in Dallas, I was able to tell her: the show is a face of young Catholicism, family style, and evolved from atheism but totally sane — meaning the atheists are still beloved members of the family who are not hounded for not believing.

It is, in other words, Catholicism the way it ought to be for all of us, and often is not.

Others who, like me, had a chance to see the entirety of episode one, have given full-on descriptions and Jen herself writes a few Minor Revisions teasers here, so I don’t need to, which is good because my schedule won’t allow.

Read the rave reviews by Brandon and Stacy and Dorian. I really have nothing to add.

The first episode airs TONIGHT at 8 PM EST / 7 PM CST.

I will tell you that my own two favorite parts were when Jen and Joe talked about their process in seeking out a church (speadsheets! I am married to a guy like that, too!) and Jen’s chat with her father which explores their differing views, with a great deal of love and respect in evidence on both sides. My father died so long ago that the whole father-daughter dynamic was fascinating to me; actually it was wholly new to me, and affecting.

And Jen is a real star. She’s a natural at this and the camera loves her.

Cribbing from Brandon:

You can watch Minor Revisions live online at http://netny.net/watch-now/. It will also air on the NET network in the New York City area (TimeWarner Ch 97 and Cablevision Ch 30) and will be available as an on-demand show for Verizon FiOS subscribers. Unfortunately, though there may be reruns, the show won’t be archived online. So be sure to catch it live.

Yes, do! On one of these episodes, you’ll get to learn whether Jen and Joe are expecting a boy or a girl, so check it out!

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