A Global Wave of Prayer, A Year-Long Campaign

The last time the Pope called for a day of prayer, we were on the verge of military action against Syria that would have lead God only knows where. Here’s another global prayer moment! And a year-long campaign!

Join in!

Lord God, from the abundance of your mercies
You stretch out your hand to defend the poor.
You satisfy the thirsty soul,
And the hungry you fill with good things.

You give your people their daily bread,
And feed your children with finest wheat.
Inspire us by the example of your generosity
to share our food with the hungry.
Embolden us with your justice
To proclaim your saving help to rulers and nations,
That our world may yield its fruits,
And our neighbors may have their fill.
Provide for your world, Lord, and open your hand,
So that, strengthened by your blessings,
All may abound in thanksgiving
And bless you with hearts that are full.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
By Billy Kangas

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