Do The Rapes of Rotherham Tell a Tale of Conquest? UPDATED

For days I avoided the story, as I know many others have. Coming on the heels of the atrocities of the Islamic State, the take-over of Mosul (now a holding camp for kidnapped Yazidi “brides”) the purging of the Iraqi Christians from their ancient lands and the pursuit of genocide — the disheartening knowledge that, despite the official pivot away by our government, there are still thousands on Mount Sinjar who will not be rescued, because they are very old, or very young, or very weak — who could take any more? Who could read about 15 years of rape and abuse, happening while authorities feared breaking the rules of political correctness by questioning cultural practices?

Download the report and read it. Note that over 100 babies have been born of all this. Note also how, again and again, the official response to this behavior seemed to be a puzzled shrug.

What Rotherham puts me in mind of is the behavior of the conqueror. One of the terrible after-effects of invasion and war has been the subjugation of the women, the rape of wives and daughters, the seed of the conqueror, inserted into a culture and a society — yet another tactic meant to subdue and eradicate.

And yet, there has been no old-fashioned “invasion” and no “war” in the southern part of Yorkshire. This conquering was invited, and it was invited throughout Europe, where Rotherham will be discovered to have been replicated. Why wouldn’t it be? Who in Europe would dare to prosecute?

Rotherham will not be the last “conquest”. There are radical Islamists — not “observant” mind you, just radical — living in the West and determinedly unassimilated to it, on every continent.

Earlier today I read about three churches in Columbus graffiti’d with the word “Infidels”.

“It was just one word. It said ‘Infidels!’” Father Doug Marcotte said of what was spray painted on Saint Bartholomew’s Catholic Church in Columbus overnight Saturday.

Parishioners saw that, along with the word “Qur’an 3:151″ on their way into mass Sunday morning.

“It’s certainly not a warm and fuzzy verse. It talks about the infidels, their refuge being the fire,” explained Father Marcotte.

Specifically, that passage of the Qur’an reads:

“We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve for what they have associated with Allah of which He had not sent down [any] authority. And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.”

Saint Bartholomew’s wasn’t the only Columbus church vandalized.

“It’s really bizarre and the fact that they hit two other Christian Churches. It’s not like we’re all in a line. So why did they pick the three of us,” asked Father Marcotte.

Outside East Columbus Christian Church and Lakeview Church of Christ, members there found the same kind of graffiti Sunday morning.

Well, radicals tend not to make fine distinctions: in this case, one Christian is like any other. The good news is, this act was quickly condemned by local Muslim residents.

That may have to happen more and more as fundamentalist Muslims come to the fore and our moderate Muslim friends and neighbors try to explain to the rest of the country why radical Islam has no relation to what they know of Islam, any more than the Westboro Baptist Church bears any relation to what we know of Christianity.

In a widely-shared piece, Matt K. Lewis has picked up on an expressed idea that young men and women of the West are so tired of their passionless, meaningless, too comfortable lives that they are attracted to ISIS, and to totalitarianism for the notion of belonging to something radical and extreme and bigger than themselves:

Sometimes asking people to do things that are hard fills them with purpose. But we rarely do that in modern America.

Going back to ancient times, young men have craved honor and glory. But when there’s no communal higher calling, and no Wild West frontier for those afflicted with wanderlust to conquer, they’re left empty. Playing video games isn’t enough.

True, but why fall in with the Islamic State, then? If someone is searching for meaning, and looking for a radical life of danger, hard work and sacrifice that brings about something great, why wouldn’t they be flocking to volunteer with Father Rick Frechette in Haiti, or helping to address Appalachian poverty, here in America?

Is it as simple as “passionless lives demand radicalism?” I suspect that when a former member of an English all-girl rock band pledges to “behead Christians with a blunt knife”, she’s not looking for a radical diversion; rather she has determined for herself where the “strong horse” resides, and hopes to ride within its power.

Unless, of course, the only radicalism by now left unexplored, and still considered acceptably counter-cultural, is going after the bad-old Christians, because Christianity pretty much formed Western Civilization — and for that it must be punished — and also because for all their foibles and failings, Christians tend to work for peace?

Here is what has me antsy; what if the pundits are right, and the bored children of the West are keen to become Rebels with a Cause. What happens if some of them head toward radical Islam and some of them move toward radicalized “God and Country” resistance?

Rape and subjugation is one way to conquer a people. Getting them to destroy themselves is another. A conquest is a conquest. For that matter, one needn’t use a blunt knife to behead a culture; you just blunt their thinking as much as possible.

What if the West has already been conquered, but simply doesn’t know it yet, because a painless coup happened while the West was naval gazing, or buried in its twitter feed?

I shared these thoughts with a friend tonight, and she responded, with typical brilliance and sensitivity: “Passion wins the world for good in the end (we already know that) or for evil in the interim. In the non-Muslim world, the fire is out. Is the only thing left to ignite it war? I pray not.”

I pray not as well. But it almost seems to me like the whole world is itching for ignition. Yes, on this anniversary of the start of World War II, I did say, “the whole world.”

I keep thinking of President Obama’s recent remarks about the world, upended:

“…the old order is having a tough time holding together and the new order has yet to be born, and in the interim, it’s scary.”

That’s certainly how things feel, right now. Old orders cast aside, new ones not quite in place. And not just in the Middle East.

Look at the bright side. Very soon we may be done dealing with a fake “war on women” and the illusory crisis of free birth control. Let us find our mercies where we may.

UPDATE: Allahpundit has A good roundup

And if I am depressing, read Mark Steyn

UPDATE II: Dawn Eden on the “religion ghost” and Reed on the “immigration ghost”, both issues touched on, here.

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  • SD Dunn

    What I know is that Holy Mother Church has seen off the Roman Empire, Attila the Hun, the Golden Horde, the Moors, the Jacobins, Hitler and the Soviet Empire. She shall stand long after Isis are dust in the wind. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against her.

  • Manny

    I personally can’t blame the scribblings on the churches in Columbus on Islam; there are morons of every religion and ethnicity. If it goes beyond this incident I’ll re-assess. But the Rothingham incident is most disturbing. I don’t know if it’s the “behavior of the conqueror.” It was too far institutionalized into the local behavior. Too many people participated and condoned it. It strikes at a moral concience issue. How can so many people participate and condone something so immoral. The answer has to be they didn’t consider it immoral? It strikes me as a by product of Islam itself, that’s why it was condoned. My respect for Islam continues to slide. The more I learn of this religion/culture the more repulsed I am. No, this is not a religion of peace. Strike that phrase from our language.

  • Manny

    Mohammedanism is from the devil.

  • Gail Finke

    Young men have gone to fight for causes in other countries before. Particularly young, aimless, highly educated young men. Idealistic, even (perhaps especially) when personally debauched, they long to be part of something big and pure that will wipe away corruption and free people from oppression. They flock to the barricades, to liberate the workers of the world, to drive out the corrupt aristocrats. Sometimes they are right. Often they have been wrong. I don’t think it’s the power that attracts them to Islam (other than the vague idea that if IS has that much power, it must be right) but the idea of being pure and righteous and good. People know when their culture is allowing them to be wicked. They often don’t know when the ideology that attracts them to blaze a trail of glory across the world allows them to be even more wicked. Personally, I am afraid of what may happen — given the reality of what has already happened, and how many people seem determined NOT to see it.

  • Theodore Seeber

    The real story is in the demographics. Western Europe has fallen into the spell of Eugenics to the point that they are simply no longer a sustainable culture- Islamic immigrants move in to fill the gap:

  • Mitchell Fuller

    Rape form of conquest, I think that is part of it, these crimes are not residing in the past tense but are occurring right now and Rotherham is merely the tip of the iceberg, it will be shown that this is occurring across England. These children of rape will be torn between their mothers culture and their rapist fathers culture, not good.

    We are giving up our history of Western Liberalism willingly in the name of accommodation and political correctness and especially for women this is not good as they are and will lose many of their natural rights.

    Western Liberalism and Islam are incompatible with each other based on their tenets and cannot exist in the same space and time without friction because of this dichotomy. The West needs to remove the Muslim from its midst.

    Get out and vote for those who will uphold your rights and protect your freedoms and your children.

  • RufusChoate

    Christians but especially Catholics who avoid the truth of Islam’s complete moral depravity since its fictional creation by Muhammad from the loose threads of Judaism and Christianity are pathetic cowards who threaten the well being of us all.
    Islam is and always has been the enemy of Christ.

  • Burt

    “That may have to happen more and more as fundamentalist Muslims come to the fore and our moderate Muslim friends and neighbors try to explain to the rest of the country why radical Islam has no relation to what they know of Islam, any more than the Westboro Baptist Church bears any relation to what we know of Christianity.”

    I disagree with you here because if your moderate Muslim friends know anything about the founder of their religion they will know he had a harem of sex slaves from conquered tribes and nations.
    The more a Muslim knows about the life of Mohammed, for example his marriage to a six year old when he was in his fifties. A marriage they all accept was ‘consummated’ when she was nine, the more licence they have to perpetrate such crimes as they are still doing in towns and cities all over the UK.

  • faithandfamilyfirst

    In the end (and every place between), Christ is the answer. I join you in your prayer that it will not come to war. But I am reminded of our blessed Mother’s words to the three shepherd children of Fatima – that war is a punishment for sin. It seems that we have so much sin in the world today. I’ll take a page from Chesterton’s book and rightly acknowledge that I am no less guilty than the next, and in fact perhaps more so, but that is cold comfort in the face of horrors on a scale that I cannot even imagine. It is time to storm Heaven like never before with prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. If we use those weapons now, perhaps we can avoid resorting to more deadly weapons in the future.

  • CatholicScienceGeek

    “But it almost seems to me like the whole world is itching for ignition.”

    I’ve been saying the same for some time now. As much as I want to believe that this world will chose another path, a more peaceful path…it feels like this world is continually tipping towards another World War.

  • Igotfreshmilk

    I can’t help wondering if all the people who blamed the Catholic Church when the priest abuse scandal was in the news will similarly blame Islam?

  • The Sanity Inspector

    Just remember three simple sentences:
    No one is in charge of Islam.
    Whatever Muslims do in the name of Islam, that’s what Islam is.
    The tree is known by its fruit.

  • donttouchme

    I don’t know what the problem is. We know from JPII that women are equal to men, and men aren’t being systematically raped by Muslim immigrants. We also know from Dr. de Solenni that “real” soldiers are women or men who take care of babies:
    And we know from our mewling Catholic fathers influenced by JPII that men are much less important than women and should bow and adore the “feminine genius” and just be honored to work for Her and cry themselves to sleep for joy:
    Western men who don’t understand that can just go back to laying about, porn and video games. Obviously there’s something wrong with these men that they universally can’t see the worshipful wonders of womankind (for anything other than sex but what’s new). Of course in the meantime women have been making 50 Shades of Grey a smash hit, a porn book about a woman signing herself over to a sociopathic sadist. So weird. Who knows what the problem could be.

  • Manny

    That’s a really good comment Gail.

  • Manny

    I like that.

  • Michael B Rooke

    The relationship of tolerance and religious freedom was the subject of a Congress on religious freedom in 2007. The address by Cardinal Bertone made the points

    “3. What gives tolerance its value is the sacred nature of the conscience, which always aspires to goodness and truth; …. If, on the other hand, tolerance becomes the supreme value, every authentically truthful conviction that excludes the other values is intolerance. What is more, if every conviction were as good as another, one would end by being tolerant of immorality. Taking this aporia to the extreme, Engelhardt succeeded in formulating the following paradox: “If one does not succeed in demonstrating the immorality of certain forms of conduct, then the health-care assistance provided by Albert Schweitzer and that provided in the Nazi concentration camps will be equally tenable… and the conduct of morally repulsive individuals will be no more or less justifiable than that of saints” (H.T. Engelhardt, Manuale di bioetica, Milan, 1999, p. 22)…
    Human dignity is based on the human capacity for truth. …. The renunciation of truth and conviction neither unites nor raises human beings but leaves them in the grip of practical or immediate calculations that deprive them of their real stature….
    4. The dialogue with reason
    The highest form of tolerance, therefore, consists in respect for the truth; ….. Religious freedom therefore requires discernment: both between the forms of religion to identify those that respond fully to the thirst for truth of each person, and within religion itself in the direction of its truest heights. In fact, we should not hide from ourselves the fact that contemporary man often does not follow reason but lives by instinct. This is a challenge to every religion because it might induce the religion to surrender to these weaknesses in order to satisfy caprices or worse, the selfishness of its faithful. …”

    The discernment that Muslims must show is to that the action of the ‘Islamic State’ cannot be attributed to the will of a God that is Good. Equally non Muslims must show the discernment that not all Muslims are ‘ Islamic State’ sympathisers.

  • CSmith

    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Much awakening will need to occur before we reach that level of awareness. I think it *can* happen for most, but I’m not very optimistic.

  • cestusdei

    This graffiti is a shot across our bow.

  • L.B.

    We are fools! A good Muslim to the West is a Muslim who does not follow the tenets of the Koran.

    We do NOT worship the same God. If you want to know what Islam is read the book of Revelation. A false “prophet” received a message from an “angel” (remember that Satan and all the demons are fallen angels). 600 years after the book of Revelation was written Muhammad – raised as a Christian – received a message from an angel. Connect the dots…Saint John wrote in the book of Revelation not to add or take away from anything written.

    Inscribed over every door at the Temple of the Rock mosque – I’m paraphrasing here – Allah does not have an “association” – Islam is founded as an explicitly anti-Christian religion 1400 years ago. Isn’t about time we realize this?!

  • David M Paggi

    Rotherham, ISIS, Nigeria, South Sudan … the list goes on of places where atrocities are committed by people who claim to be faithful to Islam. While politicians and pundits prevaricate, a minimal familiarity with history shows that this pattern has existed since the seventh century. Prior to the advent of Islam, there were some 800 dioceses in North Africa and the Middle East.

    Immigration worked in the U.S. when arriving people were assimilated into the culture, the roots of which are undeniably Christian. In contrast, Muslims emphatically do not assimilate; for example, see Dearborn, MI and localities in England where Magna Carta has given way to Sharia.

    In the absence of vigorous leadership by the U.S. (currently conspicuous by its absence), further decline in virtue and population (remarkable how these are linked!) seems inevitable, which only emboldens radical Islam. If we cannot be roused to resolute action by ISIS, then nothing else is likely to stop the slide.

    However, ISIS is also a watershed moment for Islam as well. Unless and until the moderate Muslims (if they really are any) arise in great numbers, organize and denounce ISIS, Boku Haram, Hamas, etc., the rest of the world will have no alternative but to consider these the real face of Islam, & act accordingly.

    Well do I recall 9/11, and the most vivid image in my mind of that awful event was the video clip of Palestinians joyfully dancing in the street. Fundamentally, terrorism is an act of cowardice, so for people to celebrate such acts points to what by any reasonable standard are very debased values.

    Evil cannot be tolerated, simply because if it is it will grow and evil emphatically does not tolerate good in its presence. History shows this time and again, and the longer action is delayed, the higher the price of freedom in blood and treasure.

    The only real solution is evangelization, so those trapped in Islam hear the Gospel and respond to the Truth. Otherwise conflicts will escalate and many lives, both innocent and not, will inevitably be lost. Islam says convert or die, and has proven its resolve to enforce this dictum. I would suggest that we adopt the same terms, but in love, not hatred. If the evil in Islam can be excised, fine; but if it cannot (which seems much more likely), then for their own sake, those people must be converted or defeated. Failure is not an option, and the U.S., war-weary or not, cannot avoid its duty to lead. Since this requires virtue, it is imperative we clean our own house, as currently we hardly set a good example.

    St John Paul II, who looked evil in the eye and stood firm until it crumbled, pray for us!

  • grumpyank

    All I hear is BS that we are “racist” and “anti-Muslim”. It’s Islam that has the problem, not us. If Muslims want us to regard them as barbarians, they’re doing an excellent job of convincing us. Let them deal with their own miscreants, or we will do it for them.

  • grumpyank

    My minister says we should make nicey with the Muslims. I don’t believe it. Muslims are killing Christians all over the World, as well as members of other religions. It’s Islam that has the problems, and not Islam’s victims. I will not be made to feel guilty because I am suspicious of the intentions of some Muslims.

  • surfdog

    Every time someone shouts diversity , shout back E Pluribus Unum and our country will survive .

  • HoldOnSweetie

    Spengler’s Universal Law #8: Wars are won by destroying the enemy’s will to fight. A nation is never really beaten until it sells its women.

    Spengler’s Universal Law #9: A country isn’t beaten until it sells its women, but it’s damned when its women sell themselves.

  • bluesdoc70

    Won’t bother me to see all the liberal feminists forced to go around covered up like a parakeet cage.. Guess where Islam isn’t going to be forcing a Caliphate? Redneck country that’s where. Everyone around here has at least a couple of shotguns. And a rifle or two. They’ve all been stocking ammunition. 00 buck makes everybody “peaceful.”

  • Sincerita1

    The battle at Rotherham is won but the war is far from over. Time to bring to trial the politicians who made this defeat possible and win the war.

  • Terenc Blakely

    One wonders if Europe has the will to survive. I’m pretty sure that if such a thing happened in the US and the authorities refused to help there’d be some dead rapists. Well in the South perhaps, in the NE and W coast I’m not so sure.

  • Joe Katzman

    “I shared these thoughts with a friend tonight, and she responded, with typical brilliance and sensitivity…”

    If that’s her regular quality of response, she needs at least a guest account on this blog….