Media outlets Jezebel and Huffington Post have written hit pieces about former-pro-life-advocate-turned-racist Kristen Hatten that commit outright libel against the pro-life movement in general and New Wave Feminists in particular. I won’t link to them because they don’t deserve the clicks, but you can find them if you Google. But the pieces in question have brought the topic back to pro-life and Catholic conversations on Facebook, and it seems some people are still defending Hatten despite clear evidence of her… Read more

Tradition in Action (TIA) is comprised of Catholics who think that Vatican II was a blight to Catholicism. They like to pretend it never happened and that Catholic doctrine ceased to develop around 1960. They have so many problems that even Women of Grace think they’re sketchy. At any rate, while tooling around the internet, I stumbled upon one of their articles: “The Home-or-Career Dilemma for a Mother” by Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D. (the founder and president of TIA). Dr. Horvat… Read more

In 2015, I wrote an article for Catholic Stand entitled, “How to Bury Your Baby After a Miscarriage.” My husband and I have buried 3 of the 4 babies we’ve lost to miscarriage at our local Catholic cemetery, and I wrote about our experiences with their burials in hopes of helping others who are going through a similar tragedy and don’t know what to do. As a result, I regularly get e-mails from people who have found my article by… Read more

I get pretty steamed when I hear about Catholic parishes placing unnecessary obstacles in front of the sacraments, effectively holding them hostage until their parishioners jump through whatever arbitrary hoops are required. I’ve written before about the obstacles placed in front of baptism, but equally as troubling are the obstacles often placed in front of Confirmation. One reader of The Catholic Working Mother shared her story with me, and gave me permission to repost it here: My then-14 year old… Read more

The latest controversy to wend its way around pro-life and Catholic circles is the “coming out” of Kristen Hatten, who is a former VP of the the excellent pro-life group New Wave Feminists. Hatten didn’t come out as LGBT, though. She came out as a “ethno-nationalist” (which is the new fancy term for a white nationalist or white supremacist), an avowed member of the alt-right, and a racist. (She told me via private Facebook message that she is “not afraid”… Read more

Remember when Pope Francis made the not-so-revolutionary statement that parents are called to both generosity and prudence in discerning their family size? Not surprisingly, and like always, the media interpretation was quite different. According to them, Pope Francis says “Catholics shouldn’t breed like rabbits.” Which is, of course, not at all what Pope Francis said. But I’m not really interested in rehashing what the Pope actually said as opposed to what the media claims he said, as several other bloggers… Read more

On Good Friday, there are two pieces of media I traditionally watch. One is, of course, The Passion of the Christ. The other is Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s homily “His Last Words.” It’s a homily he gave on Good Friday 1979 at St. Agnes Church in New York City. (He died later that year, so it was the very last Good Friday homily he gave.) You can get a DVD copy here [affiliate link], but it is also available on YouTube:… Read more

Quite literally impossible. Read more

If you are in an MLM, please don’t do this. Read more

Media recommendations for working moms. Read more

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