Cardinal Dolan beats Cecile “I Kill Babies” Richards in Times 100 most influential people. Feminist seethe…

… Despite laughable efforts like this*, Cardinal “My President” Dolan came in 16th in Times 100 Most Influential People; even beating out Barack “Determined to Destroy America” Obama.

Click here to view poll results.

To commemorate the occasion, dear Maggie has composed a jaunty little poem for your enjoyment…

They seem me Dolan
They hatin
They legislatin
Tryin to make me violate my conscience

But they catch me ridin holy
But they catch me ridin holy
But they catch me ridin holy
But they catch me ridin holy

My laugh is so loud
I’m chucklin’

They hopin they gon make me violate my conscience
But they catch me ridin holy
But they catch me ridin holy
But they catch me ridin holy
But they catch me ridin holy

* I love the term “anti-choicers” used by those intelligent writers at Jezebel. I think we already determined they keep using that word and don’t know what it means.

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  • BOOOM!

  • love this…sharing!!

  • Tcn

    My husband met then Bishop Dolan at the Men of Christ conference in Milwaukee a few years ago. He actually confessed to him at that event. He said that Dolan is a wonderful man, fantastic sense of humor, very solid and very Catholic in every good way. I believe him. We pray for Cardinal Dolan daily and I believe he is turning the Church in America more and more toward God and will lead us closer to Christ as a nation and as individuals, if we pay attention.

    God bless the good priests.

  • Sadly, the final list still has to pass the editors.  Even the thumbnail pictures above the Time article, show Obama and Richards, but Dolan.  Imagine that! Your thumbnail picture is a little irreverent, and the spoof of the rap song, “try to catch me ridin’ dirty” is a little weird. But hey,,,,ya know,,, what the heck?

  • Too bad Sandra Fluke made it through. Bright side: Cardinal got more votes than she did.

    •  What’s so bad about Sandra Fluke making it through?

  • Why haven’t I found your blog sooner?  

    • Not sure. I’ve been around since 2006. Wow… I feel old just typing that.  

  • tj.nelson

    Doughboy knows him – well, he’s from his state.  I know Doughboy – so I feel really connected to the Cardinal, the NYTimes, and you.

  • Birgit Jones

    Oh my gosh, I’m laughing so hard right now – ‘catch me ridin holy’ is a hoot! Ever since that car commercial, I can’t get that stupid song out of my head. At least now I have some good words to go with the pounding beat!

  • Guest

    Wait, wait, the Jezebel website says we’re being unfair and spammers because we retaliated against PP’s exact same call in the other direction… and finishes off with ‘so let’s spam them back for the win!’ ??? Logic, people, logic.